Pokemon Platinum: How to Catch Giratina

Q: Where is Giratina in Pokemon Platinum and how do you catch him?

A: Giratina is a single encounter legendary pokemon. He’s not extremely difficult to catch, but you only have one shot at catching him, so make sure you save your game before your attempt.

Giratina is located in the Distortion World, which you will get to in the main story line, after you beat the Galactic Hideout and make your way through Mt. Coronet. Right after you fight a boss in the Distortion World named Cyrus, you will fight Giratina, and this is your only shot to catch him, so you must come prepared.

I would suggest bringing about 40 or more ultra balls, as many revives and potions as you can bring, a pokemon with False Swipe, and preferably normal type pokemon that aren’t as vulnerable to his Ancient Power attack.

I would not suggest using a Master Ball, as there are other pokemon that are harder to catch since Giratina does not flee. Catching Giratina will just take patience and a little luck, but he’s far from impossible to catch.

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  1. Stank says

    GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i got a good new = oh my god you dont need to worry just use mean face on zapdos moltres and articuno and mesprit and CRESSELIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. megan says

    oh and also, giratina, (i named him gary) is lv.55 and my empoleon is lv.80 now.i never knew this until yesterday, but if you K.O palkia or dialga, they’ll come back in a couple of days. i caught palkia with gary and K.O’d palkia with dialga when he used roar of time… terrible mistake… so i went to the spear pillar yesterday to play my azure flute (it wasn’t the azure flute… it turned out to be a black flute my bad ^.^) and i saw the purple rift thingy and realized that palkia’s back! and any other legendary will come back in a couple of days, but it’s still smart to save.

  3. megan says

    i used my empoleon which was… lv.52 at the time? idk… long time ago. anywho he used surf and brought it to the yellow then i used the master ball. biggest mistake of my life. i didn’t know there were other legendaries to catch… other than the lake guardians but i thought they would be easier… but i still caught dialga(lv.70, first try no lie) with a heal ball and palkia (lv.70 about 10nth time) with an ultra ball. not very hard to catch. i’m working on catching the three legendary bird pokemon (moltres, zapdos, and articuno, all lv. 60 and hard to catch cuz they run), the lake guardians (azelf, uxie, and mesprit all lv. 50), cresselia, and then heatran. On ruby, i’m going to catch rgice, rgirock, and registeel. Then i’ll go to snowpoint temple… also on ruby, i have to catch rayquaza. I’ll switch them all over along with my lv. 72 blaziken and my mightyena and guarados… that’s a lot of legendaries. i also have to hurry up and beat the elite 4 on black so i can get reshiram.

  4. dan says

    i swear i met him twice
    basicaly i fled the 1st time and them later on i came ontop of this place that if u travel down th leges you go to a cave and theres a portal there and you go upto the portal and then you battle him again

  5. Ghost Hunter says

    I just Use a Lv.47(same level with Giratina)Roselia and use x3 sing to let the Giratina sleep.I’ve used 74 Full Restore,28Dusk ball and fight with,And I Just Use An Premier Ball To catch it,That My Friend Says I’m so Lucky ^_^(because i just save and save and save and save and save)

  6. stan says

    hav a lvl 90 empoleon somehow paralize get him down to 2 or 3 hp use 14 pokeballs 1 duskball a luxuryball 1 greatball and then a timeball then name him shifty. pack lots of full heals and stuff of that nature, exactly what we did =}good luck and dont give up

  7. LOL says

    I was so frustrated cuz i cant caught giratina even with 2 hp (endeavor) and paralyzed, and i did a soft reset, threw a quick ball and done! giratina caught XD

    p.s sorry ’bout the spelling

  8. very lost says

    okay so i have a staraptor lvl 50 with ability intimidate and i use fly once and giratina is almost dead (fnt/goes away to close portal or something) and it still wont get caught ive wasted about more than three hours trying to catch it because it starts to run out of moves and then uses struggle which has recoil damage which kills it. i dont want to use my master ball because i dont know why but anyways i use an emulator on a pc (and my ds stuffed up bad for some reason) is there a way to sort of cheat?

  9. sergio says

    is use my empoleon LVL 46 only that’s it couple surfs and some bubble beams and after the 6th ultra ball done captured.

    I used a staravia that i only use to fly to reduce his attack as well.

  10. Just Sayin says

    There are 5 roaming pokemon in this game.
    5 pokemon – 1 master ball=4 pokemon to catch roaming with mean look and arena trap. The math is simple,saving the master ball has no point besides one pokemon you just don’t want to catch the long way……, like GIRATINA!!!!!!!!!

  11. Keep it real says

    Relax, drink somethin to calm yourself down, and listen up. Mean look and arena trap stop ALL pokemon from fleeing so don’t trip about them, focus on Giratina. Secondly, get it into yellow hp, switch to a Lucario, and let him tank through Giratina’s attacks. Except for shadow force, and dragon claw on crits, they suck against Lucario. Spam your ultraballs and cross your fingers. Don’t go into red cause it eventually kills itself with struggle if Lucario doesn’t drop. And fyi, if you can put the darn thing to sleep and if you get a headache from this do the rational thing and USE YOUR MASTER BALL!

  12. Flashback says

    I’m trying it right now.

    Pengy (Empoleon) Level 44 (Soothe Bell)
    BIDE (surprisingly works, even as a normal type)

    Riley (Lucario) Level 40 (Exp Share)

    Flipside (Crobat) Level 44 (Quick Claw)

    Stinger (Toxicroak) Level 43 (Fist Plate)

    Gibby (Gabite) Level 43 (Dragon Fang)

    Freeze (Abomasnow) Level 40 (Icicle Plate)

    What should I do? I’ve tried so many times.

    8 Pokeballs.
    1 Luxury Ball
    1 Master Ball
    One Heal Ball
    51 Ultra Balls

    11 Hyper Potions
    15 Revives
    2 Full Restores

    Anyone can hit him with a normal type move. (Foresight first)

  13. Fiona says

    I have been trying to catch Giratina for over three hours now. I have tried every possible combination that every recommends but in the end it just uses struggle and i have to start all over again. I really don’t want to use my master ball. Will i just have to continue to be patient and keep on trying?

  14. cspmoneymaker says

    Haha, a poke ball is quite enough !!!
    I made a promise to myself that whatever it is, I will only use poke ball.
    We just need 50% skill + 50% luck !!!
    I used to play a GBA hack that have almost 50 legendary pokemons and catch them all with poke ball, BE PATIENT !!!

  15. cody says

    can someone help me i only have lv 68 infernape lv 30 golem lv 23 luxio lv 28 staravia lv 27 togetic and lv 26 bibarel what do i do?

  16. Fern says

    i used luxray in the first place,
    and then it became paralyzed,
    and then used blissey when trying to catch it…
    it’s easier to catch… ^^

  17. jamie says

    used luxray with crunch and staraptor with steel wing (one move)till its 1 pixel health left, thrown upto 7 dusk balls and hes mine. easy.

  18. pipiny says

    i just use master balls with each pokemon when i saw giratina i used my master ball then mesprit then moltres etc…
    giratina just wants to be free
    obiosly i didnt grant its wish :)

  19. Kiddo says

    if you play the rom version on cpu, you can use the masterball and put the action replay code for it. You could also try to capture him with like thirty ultraballs because it isn’t that hard to capture

  20. STUPID says

    YEEEEESH. I don’t know why your all complaining, just keep try and trying and trying, and you will do it
    You guys are lazy

  21. Chie says

    Ok. I just tried this after much skepticism from reading it. Get its HP in the YELLOW. NOT RED. I had a level 57 Infernape, used Flare Blitz twice (into the YELLOW HP zone) and threw 2 ultra balls and caught it! I don’t know if it’s one encounter… I haven’t gotten that far. ^-^; But the yellow hp does work. Tested and proven by me!

  22. Vince says

    I got it down to the lowest health it would get to then, paralized it and threw about 7 dusk balls, it works great so easy to catch.

  23. katreena says

    i have it and now its level 88!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. homeslice says

    Hey just have Pidgeot or Staraptor and youll be fine. it took me one dusk ball to catch him after staraptor kept using fly

  25. imbored says

    First of all, you can still catch giratina (after you beat the champion) at turnback cave (the cave that cynthia was blocking when you leave the distortion world). Second of all, false swipe doesn’t work on ghost types. Third of all, dusk balls are the most effective in this case. Lastly, what should I do if Giratina keeps running out of PP, uses Struggle, and KOs itself? p.s. You probably shouldn’t use a masterball, there are other tougher pokemon to catch.

  26. alphose says

    dude didnt u hear wat he said ” would not suggest using a Master Ball, as there are other pokemon that are harder to catch since Giratina does not flee. Catching Giratina will just take patience and a little luck, but he’s far from impossible to catch” TRY TO BE MORE PATIENT!!!

  27. Courty says

    Not all of us want to waste the 1 & only ‘Master Ball’ given in the game! Im stuck with the whole struggle shit!! I get to turn 40 & it kills it self.. mite not attack it so much & let it kill it self during the end.. after its low chuck my one & only Time Ball at it.. I came to this area very unprepared!! Got a Luxray that paralyzes it & a good team of pokemon & items!! So i guess its not all bad.. lol

    Wish me luck xox

  28. Bagels says

    You want to know how to catch him easy? I mean really easy? Simple. Save right before fighting him. If you kill him and or die, just reload and continue. by doing that I eventually, and i’m not talking days of doing this, it literally took me less than an hour, caught him with one ultraball and that’s it. Just save and keep trying, it’s partial skill and partial luck. I’ve had him down to a couple pixels of life, and asleep and still couldn’t catch him. Just calm down, take it down a notch and keep trying.

  29. Thierry Orth says

    Hi , I don’t know who has putten this instruction , but you can”t use normal move ( false swipe is that ) on ghost-types ( like Giratina is ) , and it’s very hard to catch it , I used my Masterball , but , you can use dusk balls

  30. Haley says

    I started off with a starraptor, level 46. I used ariel ace about 3 times, then wing attack once. I switched to a noctowl which also isn’t affected by some of the moves. I used hypnosis, and after using two dusk balls, I caught him. :)

  31. Geo says

    lol really it takes luck, i tried alot alot alot of times, but my brother tried once, used Empoleon using x-accuracy, used blizzard, then 1 bubble beam and then he used 1 ULTRA BALL, thats it 1!!!, i tried soooo many times, it just shows you need luck sometimes

  32. mackenzie says

    OMG!!! you guys! if you want to know how to catch girtena just THROW YOUR DAMN MASTER BALL! GOD YOU GUYS ARE SO STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHEESH THAT WAS THE FIRST THING I DID AND NOW HES LEVEL 97! IT IS SOOOOOOOO SIMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Crisco 552 says

    Noooo!!!!! Don’t use timerballs, use dusk balls, they have a 4x catch rate in dark places and timer balls have a 4x catch rate after 40 turns so just get 40 dusk balls (you’ll probably only need twenty) and your set. also a staraptor with aerial ace would be really useful.

  34. Lindsey says

    RioluFan, Ancient Power and Dragon Claw would both affect a Staraptor and Staraptor is weak against Ancient Power since it is a rock type move. Unfortunately, I’m bereft of luck so catching anything is difficult for me.

  35. RioluFan447 says

    Giratina was harder for me to catch. he’d always run out of PP and use struggle and kill himself, or kill me first. That’s why if you don’t want to waste your masterball you should use a starapter. only one of giratina’s moves can affect him, and he only has about ten of those moves, so after ten turns, you’re completely safe. his stats are:
    HP: 150/504
    Attack: 120/339
    Defence: 100/299
    Sp.Atk: 120/339
    Sp.Def: 100/299
    Speed: 90/306
    he’s also about lvl. 70, and is very offensive. that’s why i have starapter so he can’t hurt me. i would recomend geting starapter anywhere from lvl. 40-60. also, my suggestion of pokeballs is about 5 quickballs, 15 duskballs, 10 ultraballs, and about 30 timerballs. i like to be safe though and buy 70 timerballs. if you have trouble catching any other legendaries, i have advice at: http://pokemonlegendaries.blogspot.com/
    it’s not quite complete, but soon it’ll have all the legendaries of platinum in it. please, check it out!!!!!

  36. songjongsuk says

    you do have the masterball unless you stupidly used it for other pokemons…(just like me!) can someone please help me out? my main guy is infernape and i got a togetic. here are some others:

    Onix lv 31
    noctowl lv 28
    togetic lv 35
    infernape lv 63
    and please tell me if i need to train my pokemon more and where please~~~~~~

  37. Jojo says

    Giratina is not a single encounter pokemon. You can catch him in turnback cave if you defeat him in the distortion world. Check your facts.

  38. jono says

    how can you not have the masterball?
    You get the masterball from cyrus in the HQ, and you would’ve had to have battled him to have gotten to the point where you mean Giratina…so how can you not have one???

  39. Alex Astonishment says

    dear rob, thats S***IN IMPOSSIBLE!!!!! you can’t have three status problems at the same S***IN TIME!!!!!! So please just, stfu.

    -Thank you.

  40. Alex Astonishment says

    1. False Swipes doesn’t work on Giratina saying as he’s a GHOST type.
    2. Instead of ultraballs use duskballs you’ll need 40 at the most and they work better because the distortion world counts as a cave.
    3. While normal types are good their attacks are not because giratina is a GHOST type, so be sure to give them other non-normal type moves.
    4. It has a total of 35 moves it will make before useing struggle which will cause it to use struggle and hit itself with recoil, so use an attack like stun spore to paralize it, this should also increase your catch rate.
    5. You only need one Hm. move slave, Bibarel teach it: Rock Smash, Strength, Surf and Rock Climb. Keep these in mind and catching Giratina will be a breeze.

  41. rahul says

    can some please help me i have over 100 balls excpet for the master ball. i have tried the gratina thign 214 times and i never caught it. is there a way to get it to weaken and catch it?

    my pokemon:

    floatzel lvl.50= surf, dive,crunch,blizzard

    staraptor lvl.52= steel wing, defog, close combat, fly

    luxray lvl.55= thunder, thunder fang, charge, shock wave

    graveler lvl.50=earthquake, rock climb, strenght, rock smash

    roserade lvl.51= petal dance, cut, synthesis, toxic

    infernape lvl.52= close combat, flame wheel, grass knot, return

    please soemeone HELP me!!!!!

  42. DarkGreiga says

    I dont think that false swipe will work on giratina. False swipe is a normal type move, and giratina is a ghost-dragon type. I’d say that to catch giratina, you’ll need your starter pokemon’s level to be around 2 levels above giratina and bring a pokemon that could learn paralyzing move or hypnosis. And last but not least, don’t forget to bring some balls that’s writen above

  43. shinder says

    Im haveing a hella hard time catching him he has red health and i dont have a lot of pokeballs on me right now what do i do:
    6 greatballs
    1 duskball
    2 pokeballs
    1 lixury ball
    20 ultraballs
    5 timerballs
    and of coures the masterball

  44. rob says

    i can’t catch his i had him frozen, asleep and paralized and i onced used 100 ultra ball once i still can’t catch him

  45. danny says

    hey, i’m just wondering if my game is glitched or something…
    i keep getting giratina to an hp of about 2 pixels and i’ve used about 20 dusk balls and 20 ultra balls and it still wont get caught…it just struggles and dies each time
    i even got it paralyzed once and still nothing worked

  46. jordan says

    Im struggling to catch him, i have like 20 ultra balls, 1 great ball, master ball, 2 quick balls and a timer ball.

    I get his hp low but the hail sometimes kills him :/ i dont want to leave and get more poké balls as it will take ages to get back to him?

  47. Mathias says

    do you know when to catch him (i mean if you need al the gym badges or how much do you have)

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