Pokemon Black: Where to Find the Griseous Orb

In Pokemon Black for the DS, you need to give the Griseous Orb to Giratina in order to make it change to its Origin Form.

You obtain the Griseous Orb from the Shadow Triad on Marvelous Bridge.

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  1. james says

    i by mistake threw my griseous orb and i want my giratina in origin form how can i find another one

  2. ralph says

    cause ur not allowed to have items when u do poke transfer. so for u to get giratina form, u need to get the item in black or white..

  3. twitty says

    Why would the shadow triad give you the Adamant Orb,Lustrous Orb and the Griseous Orb if you dont even find Dialga, Palkia or Giratina?

  4. allen says

    okay i understand that you get the griseous, adamant, and lustrious orb after beating the game, but what is their purpose?

    • says

      @allen Griseous Orb is held by Giratina to change it to its origin form. Adamant Orb is held by Dialga to increase its Dragon and Steel attacks. Lustrous Orb is held by Palkia to increase its Dragon and Water attacks.

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