Pokemon Black: How to Catch Zorua

Zorua is a special pokemon in Pokemon Black that can’t be caught using regular methods.

You can only get Zorua if you have an event Celebi in your party. Take your event Celebi to Celestia City near the gates. Look for a group of two people talking, and try to talk to one of them. They will turn into Zorua, and you will be able to engage and catch it.

Zorua can be bred however, so there should be plenty of people on WiFi willing to trade them.

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  1. Keenya says

    Well, actually, when you go to Castelia city in Pokemon black/white and talk to that old woman and crap, you don’t actually GET zorua. You get zorua REGISTERED in the pokedex you have, but you don’t actually get to KEEP zorua…. Lol, I really want a Zorua………. :_(

  2. Tara says

    So there’s no other way to get on, except this way; the event entei/raiku/suicune or through wifi? ‘Cos i have //None// of those.

  3. DragonTrainerRyu says

    Uhm…Does it HAVE to be the event celebi? I caught him in heart gold, but then I um…Sold the game? <=D I transferred a celebi from one of my gameboy games to my pokemon diamond, & now it's on Black. I was wondering if I could still get Zorua, or am I wasting my time?

  4. Matthew says

    How, then, does one go about getting an “event Celebi”? I ran the DS download with my sons’ Heart Gold, but it didn’t find anything. My son is 8 and he’s a bit disappointed this isn’t working. Any advice?

    • MF. says

      Event Pokemon can only be gotten during a short period of time.
      I believe that the Celebi distribution ended a while ago…
      Another note: You don’t receive distribution Pokemon through DS Download. They’re almost always through Wi-Fi connections.

    • jake says

      go to the wifi on the enternet and go talk to some poeple and one of them will ask you if you want one say yes and you will resve celiby

  5. someone says

    There’s no such thing as Celestial city! Did you mean Castelia City where a woman is talking to a boy about Zoura?

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