Pokemon Black: How to Catch Zekrom

Zekrom is a Pokemon White only pokemon and can’t be caught in Pokemon Black. Pokemon Black features Reshiram instead, and Zekrom has to be traded from Pokemon White to obtain it in Pokemon Black.

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  1. aaron says

    Actually i caught it while N supposedly had control of it during his final battle. As soon as i caught it with a premier ball it said N is out of usable pokemon

  2. Warrioxito says

    First Zekrom CAN´T be catched in pokemon black.Yeah the seventh sage says : N released Zekrom but it´s not real
    If you want to get him trade it for somo strong pokemons(clone good pokemons like Hydreigon at level 80 or soething)
    and BAM you got a zekrom in pokemon black
    Ps: I do the same but i clones my Victini at level 80 and i get my zekrom at level 50

  3. Zumac says

    Actually,you CAN catch Zekrom in black.But N did NOT release it.He went to the Sinnoh Region to fullfill his destiny.I know I talked to the Game Freak guys mysef in real life.You can also go to Sinnoh.All you have to do is beat Cynthia 50 times.When you beat her 2 or 3 times,at the end of the battle,she will say a few things and then she’ll say:You’re strong.If you want to learn more about me,go to Sinnoh.Then,beat her 50 times and just like that.BADDABEEP,BADDABOOM.She will give you a passport to Sinnoh.Just show it to Clay.He will give you a ride.(Well,he will let you use it as much as you can)You can also go to all the other regions,too!GOOD LUCK!

  4. julian says

    I all ready caught Zekrom with a masterball.Haveing a zekrom is soo cool becase he soo cool.My zekrom is at a lev100

  5. Patrick says

    zorua evolves into zoroark or u need a stone lol i forgot my zoroark is level 100 take on champ adeku like his a dog and im a tiger!!

  6. Tommy says

    beat the elite 4 + N and Getsis find the other 6 sages the last 1 will tell you N released Zekrom and you can catch it when you find it

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