Pokemon Black: How to Catch Tornadus

Tornadus is a Pokemon Black only pokemon that can only be caught later in the game.

After you collect all eight badges, go to Route 7 and you’ll encounter a woman that mentions something about strange weather there. Head to the Celestial Tower and you will be taken into a house and told a story about what’s going on. Once you come out, you’ll see Tornadus fly onto the screen and then fly off.

Once this happens, you’ll be able to find Tornadus in Unova. Look in any route in Unova in the tall grass while the weather is storming violently.

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  1. Danny says

    To keep tornadus/thundurus from fleeing, teach one of your Pokemon (it has to be faster than tornadus/thundurus) mean look and use it on the first turn. That way it won’t flee and you don’t have to chase after it after one turn.

  2. ella says


  3. jesse says

    For all pokemon black users i will give away my thunderus
    To the first person who messages me on youtube
    First and subscribes to me, youtube name is wishfulthinkment

    • EJ says

      Heres what I did I caught a pokemon with Mean Look, Upped its speed, Used mean look on it, and had my eelektross paralyze it with thunder wave. I had bought alot of ultra balls, and just lowered his HP and used enough to catch it

      • Harish says

        Well, it’s even more easier to thunderwave it and then false swipe it. Then after it escapes, get hold of it again and use quickball.

  4. quincy says

    im trying to catch tornadous but and cant find him i got a landorous cause i got the other two by trading i looked on almost every route but no storm is happening im getting super mad right not can someone please help me

    • Jaymz says

      Try looking at the electric bulletin boards in the places before crossing into another route. Sometimes it will say what route has an unusual storm. Plus you looked at every route. At certain times of the day Tornadus will be in a different route.

  5. amy says

    ive used quick balls and timer balls and it doesnt work and he runs away. >_< ive mastered finding him but i cant catch him
    btw i used scary face with Cofagrigus and he leaves after that

    • Professor Oak says

      It flees after 1 turn so it is best to lower it’s hp enough to catch it, and then use a quick ball every time you meet it.

  6. James says

    Catching Tornadus is hard, but I belive if you lower his hp very close to 0, it becomes very easy. I tried it and was able to catch him in a premier ball on my first try.

  7. DarknessRiku says

    Okay…Imm STILL friggin trying to catch Tornadus. I’ve used Quick Balls, Ultra Balls, Timer Balls, Nest Balls, and even more!!! Ive even Weakend it down to 1 h.p. IT STILL ESCAPES!!! WTF!!! HELPPPPP pwease???! (e.e) btw, what happens to Zekrom after you defeat N ? Just curious..

  8. leadsinger007 says

    All I did was simply level up my voltik then get eight badges…reteach him spiderweb….use thunderwave to paralyze him and voila! Yes it took about 30 ultra balls and a few turn offs bc if u switch out its over. =)

    • Kj says

      1) buy some quick balls
      2) fly to nimbasa city in the evening
      3) exit out the city to the left and save your game in the billboard room
      4) exit to route 5. if it isn’t storming go back in and exit back out until it is
      5) when its storming run up into the grass patch until you encounter him
      6) throw a quick ball
      7) repeat steps 4-6 until he’s caught

      Note: I caught him on my 3rd try. It took about 5 or 6 enters/exits each time to make the storm appear. The whole process took about 10 minutes, maybe less. I imagine some people will be much less lucky with the quick balls but keep at it. My gf caught zekrom on her first try with one!

  9. dudeboy says

    tang-sin sa-ram-dul mo-duno-ri-sok-un! Um… Verizon is in pinweel 4est. Eesternmost place. trees look weerd. Can cach it ther, yor welcum

  10. tray says

    Thundurus is the 1 thts in pokemon black not tornadus!! How do u get tornadus? Or is he in white? Cause I’m tryn to get landorus

    • tray says

      Wait! Ur right my bad! But still if they in different games tht means u hve to trade. In order to get landorus ths pretty gay! Well in tht case how do u get the third dog looking pokemon idk his name I have both cobalion and terrakion

      • deadjs says

        to find virizion u go to pin wheel forest and look for a new path its not in that forest its to the right EASTERNmost forest area u go into a dark area where the trees like goo something like this _–_ and then u can get virizion there

    • deadjs says

      dude tornadus is in pokemon black and thundorus is in pokemon white …. also got any clue how i can catch him i used all the pokeballs i have (pokeball ultra quick great repeat and timer ball all have failed even when he is asleep he runs)

  11. Gerian says

    BUT.. you can’t catch him, cause when you attack him or something he immediatly flees, wich is so annoying.. I tried using my best pokeballs in the beginning but he breaks free all the time.!

    • says

      Yes you can, you just have to figure out how. There are plenty of pokemon with moves to put him to sleep, to keep him from fleeing, etc. Mean look, false swipe, and plenty more will help you tremendously.

        • Harish says

          better than sleep just Paralyze it and then false swipe it.Let it escape then.Then head to the next rout by looking at the Storm warnin on the billboard.Use Quick balls

  12. Rob says

    It tells you where he is on the electronic billboards between towns (it’ll say theres some strange storm going on at route__)

  13. Ben says

    he is up at route 7 i am still trying to find exactly where he is but he is at route 7 you have to beat the elite four first at least i think you do

    • deadjs says

      no u just need all 8 badgesu know that huge tower at the top go there but go right when u can and a woman will pull u into her house

  14. florian says

    get all badges then go 2 a house near dragonspiral tower there a lady will take you in and talk to you about him, go outside there you will find him them he goes off. But you can only find him when its windy and really raining.In the mornings hes down by were the sand storm is, during the in the evnings

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