Pokemon Black: How to Catch Terrakion

Terrakion is a special pokemon that you will only encounter once in Pokemon Black.

After encountering the legendary trio in Mistralton Cave on Route 6, you’ll find Terrakion at the end of Victory Road. Requires a pokemon with Strength to access it.

Terrakion is level 42 when you encounter it and has a low catch rate, so come prepared with the right level pokemon and a lot of pokeballs.

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  1. curiose CAT says

    So if you accidentally knock out a legend dary but you made to far to just turn of your DS how do re catch it ????????????

  2. lolumadsaysterrakion says

    So, what happened here? i found it, saved, accidentally killed it, brought up my save and tried again. I got two hits in, and it was on yellow HP. Then the screen went black then back to the small cave where you find Terrakion, and the game said something like “The Pokemon vanished into the darkness of the cave”. I had no trouble with the other two fleeing, and I have no idea wha is happening here. Help!

  3. redredredredredredr says

    just get it to red then use false swipes and then use a dusk ball then a ulta ball and then use net ball and youll catch it

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