Pokemon Black: How to Catch Landorus

Landorus is a special pokemon that you will only encounter once in Pokemon Black.

After you get the National Pokedex, and once you have both Tornadus and Thundurus in your party (with one of them being caught in your game), head to the Abundant Shrine on Route 14. Click on the shrine, and as long as you have Tornadus and Thundurus in your party, Landorus will fly down and engage you.

You will need to trade for Thundurus, since you can only catch it in Pokemon White.

Landorus is level 70 when you encounter it and has a low catch rate, so come prepared with high level pokemon and a lot of pokeballs.

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  1. alejandro says

    yo hey iam typing with my 3ds i have tornadas which i caught on my game,and i trades for tbundurus th3 shrine still says small wheather shrine

  2. Jason says

    I need a thunderus so I can get landerus but I have black can anyone help me and im willingly will trade them one of my tornadus I got three in total.. I’ll post my friend code

  3. Iva says

    I traded my tornadus for a thunderus to fill my pokedex. Now i need a tornadus back to get to see landorus. Anyone out there to help. Thanks. I’ll give ya my friend code.

  4. Blondee says

    I have Tornadus from my game & a traded Thunderous, but it still wont work, I traded my Tornadus to my friends game for them to use to get Landorus then they traded it me back, so it is mine and has my Id but now I cant get Landorus? this sucks!!!!

  5. Cecilia says

    Thank u for the info!My brother will creat me a Thundurus,i have Tornadus. :D Again,thanks for the info.It have been really helpful.
    Btw,im writting from my 3ds XD.

  6. Shelbylinn says

    I am just wondering, what should I do if I accidentally caused Landorus to faint and he flew away? I really want to catch him, but afraid to turn my game off since I didnt save right before I battled him.

  7. Black says

    I have both Tornadoes and Thunderous in Pokemon Black.I go to the Shrine but Landorus didn’t show up.Is the problem the season?On my Pokemon Black it’s Winter.Dose he show up in the fall or summer?

  8. PureInsanity says

    Sounds like alot of fun to capture (sarcasm).
    Sounds like it’s best to have a pokemon like
    Gligar or it’s evolved for for THIS particular capture, it’s a flying type so immune to both the Ground moves.. I shouldn’t think Rock moves should hurt it much(because though it is Flying it too is a ground type), plus it can use/learn FALSE SWIPE (TM54) making it perfect, just need a second pokemon like Gangar for the sleep (Hypnosis).
    Why use a pokemon like Groudon who’s actually susceptible to Ground moves when you got a great pokemon who’s got flying who’s seem so perfect for such a capture? But Whatever… That’s just me…

    • rupert says

      I WANT A LANDORUS SO BAD BUT BOTH OF MY STUPID THUNDURES AND TORNADUS ARE TRADED I WANT LANDORUS SO BAD(again) anyone wanna give it to me? ill give lvl 100 mew two for it

      • Luke says

        Hey guys,
        if you have Pokemon black and your trying to catch tornadus and you have traded thundurus heres my opinion,
        you should have a pokemon with the move “Mean Look” to stop it fleeing like golbt,crobot etc

        Hope this helped ;)

  9. lolza says

    hello guys i really need thunderus so could some one trade him me i will giev you my freidn code and i will also have a pokemon battle if you wish but i am strong and the pokemon i will use are feraligater lvl 100 kyogre lvl 100 salamance lvl 100 mew lvl 100 sceptile lvl 99 and finally i will have a axew lvl 1

      • AKK says


    • Rookie409 says

      I know how to get a lvl 100 prygon-z and I have lvl 100 articuno,zekrom,Secial event Reshiram,and I believe I may have a spiritomb…

  10. girard says

    You know what else you could doinstead of just leveling up? Just trnasfer you already level 100 pokemon from Daimond, Pearl, or Platinum.

    • says

      One of them has to be from your game, obviously the one that’s available in your version of the game. I’m guessing yours are both traded so it won’t work.

  11. yoyo im ya man here says

    sorry forgot somthingu have to have national dex,thunderus,tornadus to get landorous one has to be from your game though black tornadus and white thunderus but be careful save right befor u talk to the shrine then battle him and if he dies turn the power off and then try again

  12. yoyo im ya man here says

    u have to have national dex,thunderus,tornadus to get landorous but be careful save right befor u talk to the shrin then battle him and if he dies turn the power off and then try again

  13. tom says

    okay um well i have both thunderus and tornadus but landrous wont fly down. heres some info i think u might need … on april first as a prand my bro relesed torndus into wild so i got tordus and thurndrus by trading but why wont landorus fly down

  14. seth says

    you should just get a friend or both versions to get both thunderus and tornadus.hey keep your master ball so you could get a zorua holdig it and get reshiram/zekrom.if you got both just dont save it.i alredy got all legends except landorus and thunderus.im waiting for my brother to trade.once i get them i got all legends.

  15. RozeX says

    i only have thundurus how do i trade to get tornadus if he is not in my pokedex cause if you want to trade in wifi you to have that pokemon in your pokedex please help!

  16. TheBlueTrainer says

    The people that are there when you first go there, if you talk to them and you dont have thundrus and tornadus at the time, does that effect catching Landorus?

  17. Erikku312 says

    If you can use the wifi trading post thing, go to google and type in pokemon selecto. It will be the first one; after that choose what you pokemon you want them have fun. But follow what the directions tell you or you might end up mad Bc it will not work. Hope this helps :)

  18. Dan says

    I have this problem too, i have tornadus AND thundurus in my party, and when i click on the shrine it just says “its a small, weathered shrine”

  19. Gabriel says

    I have both thundrus landrus and i got them both in a trade but i also beat the elite 4 and everything else and i still cant get him

  20. Hjvyvvyviyvuiv says

    Don’t think that the other two are gonna help you catch this guy. Bring a sleeper and knock him out quick (sleep!) and then get him down to red and spam ultra balls. Try to set your game to night time and go for dusk balls too

  21. TitusMagnus says

    Thundurus is in one version, Tornadus is in the other.
    To trigger the Landorus encounter at the aboundant shrine, you MUST have them both in your party, it doesn’t matter what version of the game you caught them in, or where you got them from, but they must be there, so you will have to trade.
    Landorus is lv70, and it knows Earthquake, Rockslide, Sandstorm and Fissure. It is also a ground/flying type, which makes him invulnerable to thunder wave (for paralysis) and most useful land-based techniques.
    My suggestion is to bring another powerful (lv 100) legendary from another verion that knows rest, such as Groudon, as in this manner, it will be unaffected by fissure and can keep restoring its own hp, no matter how hard Landorus hits it.
    Watch Landorus’s hp though, as KO’ing him will cause him to fly away, and he is one of those you only get ONE shot at catching.

  22. PLK96 says

    I have the same problem as william. I got them both through trades since I traded away my Thundurus first.

  23. liam says

    I Only Have Tornadus and can’t get my hands on thunderus…is there any way to get it at all without trading?

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