Pokemon Black: How to Catch Keldeo

Keldeo is one of the new event only pokemon in Pokemon Black and White.

Keldeo is not currently in the game, and will be released as a limited WiFi Event in the future. I will update this article when more information is released.

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  1. jaden says

    darmanitanlv.35 tropios lv.50 ,jynx lv.50 braviary lv.60 ,musharna lv.51 ,wailmer lv59, rapidash lv.49

  2. Sara says

    Does anyone have a keldeo meloetta arceus dialga palkia or giritina?
    I have a lugia lv 76 volcanora lv76 samurott lv57 zapdos lv50 articuno lv50 cobalion,virizion,and terrakion lv42 i also have a thundures lv40 reshiram lv50 volbeat lv50 hippopotas lv42 gligar lv60 and a seaking lv69 . My friend code is 4084-2300-6306 plz i really want them 😢

    • landon says

      i have genesect but i can’t trade because it is at good level and i don’t have black keyeruream yet and i didn’t beat the elite 4 twice

  3. nnnnnn says


    • aldric says

      I have kyurem zekrom reshiram tornadus cobalion an virizion tell me which one you want for keldeo and drop me a line

  4. Skye says

    I’d do anything for a Keldeo. I have a Meloetta from my friend (she hacked the game :o), but that’s about it. She only had one Keldeo but she kept it because me and our other friend, Chandler, were fighting over eht BUT I WANTED IT MOAR D:<
    Anyways yeah.

  5. Anthony says

    Any1 have a Manaphy? I really want one and i have keldeo to trade. if u have a shiny, ther will b a high chance i trade. say wut lvl ur manaphy is and if its a shiny. im lookin for shinies!!

  6. Anthony says

    im offerin keldeo, meloetta, n genesect so if u want all, 2 of them, or 1 let me no n tell me the pokemon ur gunna offer i will trade those w the best pokemon n tell me ur friend code n name the shinies r gunna b up to me

    • kiah says

      umm… ill trade my level 100 mewtwo for meloetta and a level 100 braviary for keldeo my friend code is 1206 5579 0348

    • jaden says

      i would do anything for keldeo i’m offering
      darmanitan lv.60 ,musharna lv.51 ,wailmer lv59,
      rapidash lv.49 ,tropius lv.50 ,jynx lv.50

  7. david says

    who can trade me a keldeo or genosect or melotta i have 2 reshiram lv 100 1 victini lv73 1 arceus lv100 1 zekrom lv 100
    (my friend code is 0948 7307 0879)

  8. pk-cpu-cheats says

    i have genesect, and keldeo, but i wanna know the events so i get 100%full proof pokemon, i have my genesect color red, lv 100, got it from a friend who hacked the game,meoltte is supposed to be in that one city with the boat to get to victini, talk to the guitarist in the cafe next to the dumpster,and it should appear, genesect is in the lab in in route 18 i think, its just a little to the left of the very first route u go to on the game, and keldeo i think its in some forest door just like the grass type trio dog of the 5th gen, its been on youtube.com, the videos on how to get em, i should nearly have catched or seen every possible legend on pk black

  9. Anthony says

    Duz anyone have a latios n a latias i will trade u a lvl 100 shiny aggron or a lvl 100 rayquaza fc is 4985-8926-3839 n my name is Anthony

  10. Great Victini says

    Can anyone please trade me a Keldeo, Genesect or Meloetta ?

    I’ve got Rotom, I’ve got al starters ( Oshawott, Snivy, Tepig, Piplup, Turtwig & Chimchar.
    I’ll give you Zorua or Rufflet, almost any 0pokemon you’d like to have
    I’m also willing to breed pokemon if you’d like

    Here’s my friend code : 2108-2823-9918
    Darkrai is also welcome, or one of the three legendary dogs ( Suicune, Entei, Raikou )
    Celebi, Jirachi, Lugia, Ho-oh, Mew…

    Everyone’s free to add my fr, I really want those !

    Thanks a lot !!

  11. Anthony says

    Hey anyone have a keldeo, genesect, or meloetta to trade i have a lvl 100 shiny porygon-z, lvl 100 darkrai, and lvl 100 arceus holding a zap plate my friend code is 4985-8926-3839 n my name is Anthony let me no ur name and friend code too wuld b really helpful to me

  12. John says

    I’m looking for the event Pokemon Raikou, Suicune and Entei so I can get em on my ok white let me know if you have these thanks

  13. jordan says

    hey all i have zouruas any one want some? tell e your friend code and ill add u it might take me a while i only got na couple eggs and some outn of eggs

    • Jake says

      Listen i hatching a Victini egg and I nedd a new friend on my pal pad. My friend code is 0862 7255 6519. Message me what you are going trade my for it and when your going to trade me, but i can only play on the wekkends or on any day off of school.

    • Jake says

      Berg I have a question. For the Jirachie would you want both darkrai and victini or just one. I should give you a egg by Easter.

    • says

      You can get any pokemon in the game with Action Replay, but that’s the only other way to get the event pokemon. These “events” aren’t places you have to attend though. Some used to be, but these are the wifi events that you just need to download during the specified time.

  14. Emboar says

    does anyone know when the Keldeo event is? I just got black and beat it so i dont want to miss another event

  15. california kush 420 says

    is that really true dewott cause i beat both of them and i cant find keldeo i think is the right name? and im so confused?

    • says

      No, it’s not true. Keldeo is not released yet in the US. Anyone you see with them either used Action Replay, or got it from the Japanese event, etc. Supposed to be released some time this summer from what I’ve heard.

  16. dewott says

    like pokemaster said ‘i took all three there and seen nothing’ so i have the legendary trio pokemon aka musketeers.
    im looking every where so wait i have an idea take the trio to WELLSRING CAVE i had a weird feeling about it cause 1. its
    small 2. there is places it might pop up so i will check it out later (when i bother to) some reason im thinking that its at moor of icris and you know that bolder that you pushed well know how you can fish and surf in moor of icris well try diving (still have trio in party) you can get dive at undella town (after you beat e4) it might lead some were.

  17. pokefan says

    the only way to get keldo is when you have caught all the legendary trio you take them to mor of iccures and you go deeper and you will see keldeo

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