Plague Inc: How to Beat Virus on Brutal

In Plague Inc. for the Android & iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, etc.), Virus on Brutal isn’t nearly as difficult as Virus initially was the first time you played it.

I have listed my gene setup below. I have all genes unlocked, which just requires winning 25 games. You don’t need to unlock all of the genes to win this one, but a couple that I typically use are unlocked near the end.

DNA Gene – Metabolic Jump (Bonus DNA on red bio-hazard bubbles)
Travel Gene – Native Biome (Bonus infectivity in starting country, if you don’t have this one use Teracyte instead)
Evolution Gene – Sympto-Stasis (Symptoms don’t increase in cost)
Mutation Gene – Genetic Mimic (Slows down cure research)
Environment Gene – Extremophile (Minor bonus to all environments, if you don’t have this use any other you have unlocked)

The basic strategy here is extremely fast infection, and getting a lot of points with Metabolic Jump when your Virus spreads to other countries.

With Sympto-Stasis, your symptoms are extremely cheap, allowing you to buy a lot of symptoms at a fast rate.

Stage 1

  • Start in China
  • Symptoms: Rash, Sweating, Skin Lesions, Coughing, Sneezing, devolve any lethal symptoms mutated
  • Transmissions: Air 1, Water 1
  • Abilities: Drug Resistance 1

Stage 2

  • Transmissions: Air 2, Water 2, Extreme Bioaerosol
  • Symptoms: Load up on every infectious symptom possible that has no lethality, devolve any lethal symptoms mutated
  • Abilities: Cold 1, Heat 1

Stage 3

  • Your Virus should be spreading wildly, the world will be alarmed when China has around 600 million infected with all of the symptoms you have
  • Transmissions: Bird 1 and 2, Livestock 1 and 2, Blood 1 and 2
  • Symptoms: Start adding minor lethal symptoms to gain access to deadly symptoms, like Paralysis, Coma, Immune Suppression, etc.
  • Abilities: Genetic Hardening 1 and 2

Stage 4

  • Most countries will be infected, around 4 billion of the population, and you’re gaining DNA points faster than you can spend them
  • Transmissions: Load up, you should have a lot of extra points
  • Symptoms: Keep loading up on minor lethal symptoms
  • Abilities: Viral Instabilities if you want your symptoms to go crazy, it’s not really necessary though

Stage 5

  • All countries infected, around 5 to 6 billion of the population, time to unleash hell!
  • Symptoms: Total Organ Failure, Necrosis, Hemorrhagic Shock, Internal Hemorrhaging
  • Transmissions: You should be about full by now, not really necessary
  • Abilities: Genetic Reshuffles if the cure gets too high, but it shouldn’t really

Stage 6

  • Everyone is infected, the world is quickly plummeting into chaos!
  • Symptoms: Throw every lethal symptom at them that you can afford
  • Congrats, you win!

Leave me comments with your scores. Here was mine on my first run with this build.

How to beat Virus on Brutal in Plague Inc.

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  1. RokynRobyn says

    346 DAYS
    11% CURE
    ***** Stars!
    225,500 points!!
    Bruuutal indeed!

    Followed to the letter, first try. All of your other tips got me this far. I’m so glad I found your site. I played Bacteria normal about 50+ times till I could repeat 5star scores which made for good practice and pattern of timing. Have a great week and thank you for sharing.

  2. says

    A little note for people who get angry at this guy because it didn’t work for 4 times: keep trying! I was going to go to another site after my 3rd time trying, but I divided to do it once more and it worked.

  3. Payton says

    I got to Stage 2 and then the immune seprression symptom mutated, and now it won’t let me devolve it. How come?

  4. Emily says

    Thank you!!! I won on my second try.

    Named my virus J.B songs.
    461 days
    Cure: 21%
    Score total: 59760
    4/5 hazard sign things

  5. Sparkyro says

    Didn’t go that well but even if the cure was done in the first place i managed to use genetic reshuffle to kill the world and get the people to need to do more work to me out. I went from 100% done cure too 91% done cure xD.

    Days: 697
    Cure Progress: 91%
    Stars: 3
    Score 15050

  6. says

    I’m truly stuck on stage 2..You know why ?
    “Symptoms: Rash, Sweating, Skin Lesions, Coughing, Sneezing, devolve any lethal symptoms mutated”
    What I’m see is cure start to begin …

    “Your Virus should be spreading wildly, the world will be alarmed when China has around 600 million infected with all of the symptoms you have”
    I need to say…at this cure already reach 50 % ..
    So ,how can i hits 26% cure until the end of my game ?
    Please correct me if i’m wrong ~

  7. Janet says

    I’m still having problems for some reason lol. And my phone won’t unlock the genes unless i pay. should things be done in the exact order you have them. For example….stage 1: °Start in China °Symptoms: Rash, etc and onto transmissions and then abilities. And so forth in stages 2-3-…… Thanks.

  8. Player 1 says

    Excellent walkthrough ^^~
    the only problem i say i keep running into is that damn one country that wont infect XD but i will persevere !

  9. Trinatrin says

    Yay! Thank you so much. I have been struggling with virus, bio weapon and nano. At least I got this one outta the way!

  10. Ryan Hill says

    Hey I was wondering if you known where you can get full versions of this game plague inc free for android smart phones

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