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Plague Inc – How to Beat Prion on Normal with No Genes

Beating Prion on Normal in Plague Inc. is a little tough at first since it’s a fairly slow plague type. You’ll play it similar to how you played Fungus and Parasite, but the special ability isn’t nearly as good.

This is another “slow and go” plague type that takes a lot of time to spread, so be patient and don’t get too hasty.

Quick tip: Any time I mention devolving symptoms immediately, that means don’t close the notification first, go immediately to the symptoms page and devolve it, otherwise that brief second is enough time to alert the world that your plague exists, which makes your job a lot more difficult.

Gene Setup for Prion on Normal

I did this one with no genes selected, so feel free to add some if you’re having troubles, but it shouldn’t be tough at all if you follow this guide properly.

Starting your Prion Plague

Phase 1

  • Start in India – Hot country with an airport and seaport
  • Transmissions: Air 1, Water 1
  • Symptoms: Cysts
  • Abilities: Cold Resistance 1

Phase 2

  • Transmissions: Livestock 1
  • Symptoms: Devolve all mutations immediately
  • Abilities: Cold Resistance 2

Phase 3

  • Transmissions: None
  • Symptoms: Devolve all mutations immediately
  • Abilities: Neural Atrophy 1, 2, and 3

Phase 4 

  • Ride this out racking up points and devolving anything that pops up immediately
  • Countries like Canada and Greenland will likely be the last to infect and spread, so be patient and let your plague do its thing
  • Once you have 70+ points banked up (you should have a lot more than that if you followed this closely) then it’s time to have some fun

Phase 5

  • Time to unleash hell! Once everyone in the world is infected and you have about 70+ points, purchase Hyper Sensitivity, Paralysis, Coma, and Total Organ Failure to start killing people off, and throw some extra points at fun stuff like Internal Hemorrhaging, Hemorrhagic Shock, and Necrosis
  • The cure will start to rise quickly, but don’t panic.. you’ll be racking up points quickly the population dies off
  • Purchase Genetic Hardening and Genetic Reshuffle if you’d like to reduce the cure amount and increase your final score a bit

Congrats, you win!

Plague Inc - How to beat Prion on Normal

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  1. Brady says

    I agree, this guide does not work. I have tried it 3 times, Twice in India, Once in China, following every step exactly. Every other guide has worked for me except for this one. It always gets to 80-85% of Population dead when they finish the cure, and I do not have enough points to stop the cure because I use it all on expensive Lethality symptoms. Even after I throw out all of my transmissions to get points back and stuff I still do not have enough. Please redo this guide and/or test it again for yourself to see if it still works. Thank you.

  2. Prideandcourage says

    hey thanks for the guide, i was just wondering if this has been tested recently. i’ve tried all kinds of guides on the internet so far and no luck yet. i feel like ndemic buffed the cure speed on this one and made it harder since last year. i really would like to beat this level so any help would be appreciated thanks.

  3. Made says

    Hi ! I am a beginner so I can not win until I found this website. I always follow your guide and that’s make me easier to win the game. So, thank you very much for your easy-learning guide. But, this time I met a trouble with your guide. I evolve “Cysts” and my plague detected when around 500 and 600 million people infected. But, I am sure your guide is the best answer. So, I still follow you ’til phase 4. After that, I do it myself. I try some experiment that I sure I do it right ( based what do you usually do ). I feel I can not win ’cause when the cure is started, there was some healthy people ! But, I keep trying, evolving, and patient. Finally, I am able to wipe out the humanity in 1440 day with 75% cure. After all, thanks a lot for your guide.

  4. ret says

    This was really helpful! The infection started slowing down near the end, but once all of the world was infected I had 90+ DNA points and wiped out humanity in about a minute! Thanks

  5. Dawn says

    Ok, so I can confirm that if I have cyst and nothing else, they WILL find it. I’m looking right now at the “New minor disease spreading” message. If I click on disease, then symptoms there’s nothing else selected but cyst, and I’ve missed no prompts for symptoms that were evolved. :(

  6. Negatron says

    This guide doesn’t work. I followed it perfectly, it wouldn’t spread at all. By the time the cure got to 80% it still hadn’t infected everyone. Tried adding more transmissions and fought the cure, ran out of time and there is like 50k ppl in spain who are still ok. Sorry, but this guide isn’t very good.

    • says

      Sorry my friend but I think you missed something, because no one should have been alarmed at all about your plague until you were ready for them to. Remember to devolve ALL mutations immediately, and when I say immediately I mean DO NOT click the notification off until you’ve devolved it. The only symptom you should have is Cysts until the end of the game when you’re ready to destroy everyone, AFTER the entire planet is infected.

      • Tasha says

        My Prions were found at about 50% global infection, even as I devolved any mutations. I just devolved the cysts as well, and the infection kept going with no additional alarm. Once I got to 100% and then let all hell break loose, it was only then that they started to panic. My cure only got to 45%. :)

  7. Nick says

    What to do when i infected all, but Brasil,Sweden and USA are infecting very very slowly and the cure is faster than them?

    • says

      You shouldn’t have a cure developing yet. It sounds like a mutation slipped by. Make sure to devolve any mutations immediately, don’t even click the notification off before devolving.

      Infecting bigger wealthy countries faster usually requires Drug Resistance 1. I didn’t need to use it in this build, but you can if you have some extra points. Make sure you have enough at the end to kill everyone off though.

    • says

      The biggest thing to remember is to devolve immediately, meaning don’t close the notification.. go immediately to the symptoms screen and devolve. This gets a lot of people on the plague types that can’t be detected.

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