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Plague Inc – How to Beat Prion on Brutal

Prion on Brutal in Plague Inc. is probably the longest plague type I have played so far.

It took me a whopping 2064 days to beat this one, primarily because of Canada. I couldn’t swing a way to afford Drug Resistance 1 at the end without screwing myself.

I might have to work on this one later, but for now this one just requires a ton of patience.

Quick tip: Any time I mention devolving symptoms immediately, that means don’t close the notification first, go immediately to the symptoms page and devolve it, otherwise that brief second is enough time to alert the world that your plague exists, which makes beating the plague nearly impossible.

Also, purchasing anything outside of what’s listed in this guide may risk you not having enough points at the end, so don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Gene Setup for Prion on Brutal

DNA Gene: Metabolic Hack – Pops orange and red DNA bubbles automatically. This is a very long plague, so this ability allows you to set your phone down for a while and let the points come on their own.
Travel Gene: Teracyte – Increases the chance of your plague spreading by land.
Evolution Gene: Sympto-Stasis – Symptom costs don’t increase, but easier to cure, this one is important for this strategy.
Mutation Gene: Creationist – Decreases the chance of mutating symptoms, absolutely crucial for this really long plague type.
Environment Gene: Extremophile – Minor bonus in all environments.

Starting your Prion Plague

The basic strategy here, like most of the other plague types, is to remain undetected until everyone on the planet is infected, bank up some points, and then unleash hell upon the population.

Phase 1

  • Start in India – Hot country with an airport and seaport
  • Transmissions: Air 1, Water 1
  • Symptoms: None, devolve all mutations immediately
  • Abilities: Cold Resistance 1,

Phase 2

  • Transmissions: Livestock 1
  • Symptoms: None, devolve all mutations immediately
  • Abilities: Cold Resistance 2

Phase 3

  • Transmissions: None
  • Symptoms: None, devolve all mutations immediately
  • Abilities: Neural Atrophy 1, 2, and 3

Phase 4 

  • Ride this out racking up points and devolving anything that pops up immediately
  • Canada and Greenland will likely be the last to spread, and very slowly at that so you’ll be waiting on them for a while
  • Once you have 63 points banked up and the entire world is infected, it’s time to finally destroy them!

Phase 5

  • Time to unleash hell! Once everyone in the world is infected and you have at least 63 points, purchase Cysts, Hyper Sensitivity, Paralysis, Coma, and Total Organ Failure to start killing people off, and throw some extra points at fun stuff like Internal Hemorrhaging, Hemorrhagic Shock, and Necrosis if you have extra
  • The cure will start to rise quickly, but don’t panic.. you’ll be racking up points quickly as well as the world dies off

Congrats, you win!

How to beat Prion on Brutal in Plague Inc

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  1. Holly says

    A tip!

    If you’re following this guide and find yourself short of points after infecting the whole world, here’s a tip for you: you can devolve all of the Transmissions and Abilities in order to get points refunded to you.

    THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, THOUGH: you HAVE to devolve the symptoms in reverse order. I’ve seen people lose games because they didn’t devolve in the right order, and ended up being short of enough points to kill everybody quickly.

  2. Alex says

    Listen here at this very moment I am playing Prion brutal and have followed your guide and am at phase 4 it has been 6 years already and Canda Italy Germany USA all them have only hundreds infected. Now someone the indians spread rumours about my plague noe they started a cure which at 14% already . Wtf

  3. JohnD says

    No doubt someone will post otherwise, but I’ve played this 4-5 times and I’m not sure it can BE won in a free game without DNA. Played exactly as this says and no good. Today finished hours of waiting with only air, drug and water 1. Lost maybe 10 on devolving and had 132. Got maybe 40% lethal but the cure still wins way fast. I may try again but it seems you just need those starting mutations to win this one.

    • says

      Yes, this guide is definitely built around having those gene bonuses. Without those, it would likely take much longer because you would have to purchase less in order to make sure you compensate for any mutation costs. That would be rough, i’m not sure I would even want to try it. Spend a few bucks to get those gene modifiers, it’s worth it!
      Donny recently posted..Destiny – How to Farm Vanguard ReputationMy Profile

  4. Jason says

    I found by increasing infectivity with level 1 symptoms and a few level 2 symptoms after getting
    neural atrophy 1
    air 1
    water 1
    neural atrophy 2
    air 2
    water 2
    extreme aerosol
    drug resist 1
    cold 1 & 2
    (let level 1 symptoms mutate but devolve lethal ones until everyone infected)
    make sure you have symptoms rash, sweating, coughing, and sneezing by this point
    get neural atrophy 3

    once all infected get
    pulmonary fibrosis
    total organ failure

    put points into slowing the cure with genetic hardening and genetic reshuffle

    you should be racking up the death points by now if you want to you can put points into hemorrhagic shock and necrosis to speed up the end

    I ended with
    3 stars
    over 29000 points and cure at 28%

  5. Ayla says

    So, I did things a bit differently.

    Instead of the gene that automatically pops all DNA bubbles, I used the one that gives extra points on the Orange bubbles. That was vital.

    Other than that, I used the same genes and strategy. However, since I had more DNA, I could get Drug Resistance I and II, which made things so much faster.

    I ended it in 758 days, with 21% of the curecomplete! :)

  6. Nier Yonah says

    It took me 41,100 days to finish fungus on brutal (That’s 9 hours real time). 2,100 is nothing.

  7. Mephy says

    There is a much easier and faster way to do it. u just need at all lvl 2 water and air + 1 insects. then 2 medicine 1 heat and 1-2 cold and devolve everything until all are infected. then finish it with organe failure. i just needed 873 days.

    • Alex says

      I tried the guides method and after 6 years in game i lost. Then i tried your method and I won within 1334 days!

      Thank you!

  8. D says

    - Neural Atrophy 1
    – Coughing
    – Sneezing
    – Air 1
    – Neural atrophy 2
    – Water 1
    – Drug rezistance 1
    – Air 2
    – Water 2
    – Pneumonia
    – Cold 1
    – Cold 2
    – Drug rezistance 2
    – Extreme Bioaerosol
    – Genetic gardening

    – wait a wile to you get necessary DNA and do

    – Rash
    – Sweating

    – wait a wile

    – Neural Atrophy 3

    – wait a till get to 6.500.000.000 infections (Watch Greenland to be 50% infection) and bring the fun around

    – Pulmonary Fibrosis
    – Total Organ failure
    – Coma
    – Genetic Reshuffle 1
    – Genetic Hardening 2
    – System infection
    – Genetic Resufle 2

    Days: 747
    Cure progress 32%
    Score: 22620
    3 stars

  9. sanctun says

    Thanks. That really helped.
    i’m wondering what is the prion ability “neural atrophy” for, since it makes no pratical diference or trigger specific events. Seems odd when the whole world is inffected with something that makes ur brain less functional and everyone still acts like nothing happened. Where are the crashes??? ):

  10. Revo Shade says

    These have helped me so much but why did you stop here?!?! Lol I need help on nano-virus on brutal!!! If you can get some more out that would be awesome!

  11. Drok says

    My method got it done in 1257 days. 4/5, score 36740. I used your strategy as a guideline more or less! Thanks for the tips!

  12. AckermannFxn says

    Starting in India, using the Cytochrome Surge, Teracyte, Translesion+, Darwinist, and Extremophile genes, I used this purchase order:
    (Waited for all countries to be red (more than ½ population infected))
    A year and 9 months after my infection began, with 104 DNA I bought:
    Cysts, Hypersensitivity, Paralysis, Coma, and Total Organ Failure, just like you
    Then Insomnia, Aneamia, and Paranoia following, to slow down the cure
    Then I went with Immune Suppression, Fever, Skin Lesions, Haemophilia, Internal Haemorrhaging, and then everyone died. The End.

    Final Score: 1205 days, 26% Cure, 22520 points

    (Insomnia + Aneamia = Walking Dead Combo
    Skin Lesions + Haemophilia = Profuse Bleeding Combo)

  13. Tbird83ii says

    I had some pretty good success using “Bird 1″ and replacing the auto-popping bubbles with the “Get more for orange bubbles” mutation.

    ended with a score of 93k and was able to get all of the anti-medicine abilities.

  14. Susannie says

    Thanks :) Great help. My game took me 2287 days, and a total score of 62180. 4 stars.

    In this game I was introduced to “public defecation”, a combo caused by insanity. Lol!

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