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Plague Inc – How to Beat Parasite on Normal with No Genes

In Plague Inc., playing Parasite on Normal is a little tough at first. It’s a slow spreading plague, but it has an Ability that is just amazing and makes it pretty easy to beat, just time consuming.

The key to the beating the Parasite plague is its special ability in the Abilities section called Symbiosis.

With three levels of Symbiosis purchased, you’ll be able to have any and all Tier 1 and all but one Tier 2 symptoms without your plague being detected. You won’t be purchasing much until the end though, you’ll let a bunch of symptoms mutate for free, and then purchase the deadly symptoms at the end to save some points.

Gene Setup for Parasite on Normal

I ran this one with no genes selected, so choose some genes if you’d like but it’s not necessary. The Symbiosis ability pretty much makes this an auto-win.

Starting your Parasite Plague

Phase 1

  • Start in China or India – These are my two favorite starting countries due to high population and both airport and seaport available
  • Abilities: Symbiosis 1, 2, and 3 (purchase these before anything else)
  • Symptoms: Cysts & Anaemia
  • Transmissions: Air 1, Water 1

Phase 2

  • Transmissions: Air 2
  • Symptoms: Let some Tier 1 and Tier 2 symptoms mutate, devolve any Tier 3 symptoms
  • Abilities: Drug Resistance 1, Cold Resistance 1

Phase 3

  • Transmissions: None
  • Symptoms: Hyper Sensitivity if it hasn’t evolved, let other Tier 1 and Tier 2 symptoms continue to mutate, only devolve any Tier 3 symptoms
  • Abilities: Cold Resistance 2, Heat Resistance 1

Phase 4 

  • Ride this out racking up points and devolving any Tier 3 symptoms that evolve, but they should rarely evolve up that high
  • Countries like Canada and Greenland will likely be the last to infect and spread, so be patient and let your plague do its thing
  • Once you have 70+ points banked up (you should have a lot more than that if you followed this closely) then it’s time to have some fun

Destroying humanity on Parasite Normal in Plague Inc.

Phase 5

  • Time to unleash hell! Once everyone in the world is infected and you have about 70+ points, purchase Paralysis, Coma, and Total Organ Failure to start killing people off, and throw some extra points at fun stuff like Internal Hemorrhaging, Hemorrhagic Shock, and Necrosis
  • The cure will start to rise quickly, but don’t panic.. you’ll be racking up points quickly as well as the world dies off
  • Purchase Genetic Hardening and Genetic Reshuffle if you’d like to reduce the cure amount and increase your final score a bit

Congrats, you win!

How to beat Parasite on Normal in Plague Inc.

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