Plague Inc. – How to Beat Necroa Virus on Normal

The Necroa Virus in Plague Inc. is essentially a Zombie plague that acts completely different than any of the other plague types.

Certain Necroa abilities aren’t unlocked until you get to the Necroa symptoms. It also completely removes the Evolution Gene and replaces it with Necroa genes that have to be unlocked by beating the Necroa virus.

Gene Setup

DNA Gene - Cytochrome Surge (Get more DNA from popping orange DNA bubbles)
Travel Gene - Aerocyte (Increases the chance of your plague spreading by air)
Necroa Gene - None
Mutation Gene - Creationist (Reduces the chance of mutation)
Environment Gene - Extremophile (Minor bonus in all environments – I like this one instead of the specific environment bonuses, but it’s not vital)

Necroa Strategy

This one took me a few tries to figure out. Here is the basic strategy that I used to beat it the first time.

Start in China. I start every game in China due to their large population.

Don’t purchase any Symtpoms until the end of the game when everyone on the planet is infected. If you have to devolve any mutations early in the game, you might as well start over because you may not have enough points at the end to finish properly since devolving is extremely expensive in this plague type.

Start off with Blood 1 and Saliva 1 in Transmissions. Also purchase Drug Resistance 1 and Genetic Hardening in Abilities.

Once you get some more points, purchase Heat Resistance 1 and Cold Resistance 1, which will both help your plague spread to new countries.

Purchase Air 1 and Air 2 when you build up enough points.

From here it’s a long waiting game. You’ll literally ride out this build until the entire planet is infected with your plague. Hopefully by the time everyone is infected you’ll have 70+ points banked up. If you’re a little short, then keep waiting a little longer to pop some of the orange DNA bubbles, or until you get a free Insomnia mutation.

Once you’re ready, purchase the following symptoms: Insomnia, Fever, Photophobia, Delerium, and Cytopathic Reanimation. Once you purchase Cytopathic Reanimation, you’ll start the Zombie phase.

The rest of your purchases will be making your zombies stronger and better at killing. Anaerobic Reanimation, Enhanced Motor Control, and Enhanced Sensory Integration were the first ones I picked.

Shortly after purchasing these, the world created a zombie task force, which is when it gets interesting. Zombie DNA bubbles will start popping up all over the world, and the first one I popped gave me around 50 DNA points to start loading up on more zombie abilities.

I loaded up on tons of stuff: Hyperosmia, Temporal Lobe Manipulation, Cathemeral Shift, Vampiric Hunger, Adrenal Surge, Lumbrical Hypertrophy, just about everything left in the tree left to purchase. I didn’t even realize that I had unlocked some Necroa Abilities until I had overloaded on Necroa symptoms, so I’ll have to play with those later.

Continue to fight the zombie task force and you’ll keep getting points. The cure should slow down and basically stop the more zombies you have, and you’ll eventually win pretty easily at this point.

Congrats on your first Necroa win!

How to beat the Necroa plague in Plague Inc. on Normal

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  1. Max says

    that strategy worked like a charm. i didnt wait for the whole world to be infected though. once insomnia inevitably evolved i went with it. as long as you keep upgrading the lethality of your zombies, you only need the “reanimation” necroa ability to hit z-com harder. it worked amazingly well, compared to my attempted strategies.

  2. zorack says

    it may be a difference in version but yea creationist rarely EVER works the way you say it does. And once your gene does mutate it tends to mutate as if creationist isnt there so you get screwed…i suggest you redo your guide or at least attempt to replay the game before asking if people are using your gene selection…does not work on brutal or normal…

    • says

      Latest version, and Creationist still works fine for me. As I stated, it reduces the chance of mutation, doesn’t negate it. I find mutation one of the toughest battles in this plague type.

      It’s silly to assume that I haven’t played recently before suggesting to look over their gene selection. While this guide was written when Necroa first came out, a lot of it is still applicable. Creationist isn’t flawless, and the randomness of mutation will get you on this one sometimes.

      Simply stating “does not work” doesn’t help much honestly. This is a guide after all, for you to use to help develop your own strategies. That being said, I’m working on updating the guide, but Creationist is still at the core of the genes I use for this one.

  3. Nuajolbap says

    I tried with your tactic and couldn’t get it. When I finally infect everyone I don’t have enough DNA pounts to turn them Into zombies

  4. Andrew says

    It’s a really good strategy. But my problem is that once I get 3 billion infected it starts to mutate which gets really expensive and causes me to lose all my DNA before everybody is infected which ends up getting my spotted and cured. Any ideas?

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