Ninja Gaiden 3 – Razor’s Edge: Regular and Secret Trophies List

This is the complete list of unlockable trophies in Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge on the PS3.

There are twenty one secret trophies to unlock at the bottom of this list.

Unlockable Regular Trophies

Bloody Rage (Bronze) – Reached the maximum karma multiplier during Bloody Rage
Crystal Skull (Silver) – Cleared all Tests of Valor
Dark Savior (Bronze) – Saved an ally
Dual Sword Master (Bronze) – Defeated 1,000 enemies with Dual Swords
Eclipse Scythe Master (Bronze) – Defeated 1,000 enemies with the Eclipse Scythe
Falcon Dive (Bronze) – Successfully mastered the Falcon Dive technique
Falcon’s Talons Master (Bronze) – Defeated 1,000 enemies with the Falcon’s Talons
Feat of a Hundred Slashes (Bronze) – Achieved a 100-hit combo
Flying Bird Flip (Bronze) – Successfully mastered the Flying Bird Flip technique
Fuma Kodachi Master (Bronze) – Defeated 1,000 enemies with the Fuma Kodachi
Golden Scarab (Silver) – Obtained all Golden Scarabs
Heavenly Dragon Master (Bronze) – Defeated 1,000 enemies with the Heavenly Dragon
I Got Your Back (Bronze) – Completed a Co-op Ninja Trial
Initiation (Bronze) – Played a Clan Battle
Izuna Drop (Bronze) – Successfully mastered the Izuna Drop technique
Katana Master (Bronze) – Defeated 1,000 enemies with the Katana
Kunai Climb (Bronze) – Successfully mastered the Kunai Climb technique
Kunoichi (Bronze) – Cleared all chapters with Ayane, Momiji, and Kasumi
Kusari-gama Master (Bronze) – Defeated 1,000 enemies with the Kusari-gama
Lunar Staff Master (Bronze) – Defeated 1,000 enemies with the Lunar Staff
Master of the Secret Arts (Platinum) – Obtained all trophies
Ninpo Master (Bronze) – Successfully mastered a Ninpo spell
Obliteration Technique (Bronze) – Successfully mastered the Obliteration Technique
Shrouded Moon Master (Bronze) – Defeated 1000 enemies with the Shrouded Moon
Sliding (Bronze) – Successfully mastered the Sliding technique
Steel on Bone (Bronze) – Successfully mastered the Steel on Bone technique
Teamwork (Bronze) – Won a Clan Battle
Ultimate Technique (Bronze) – Successfully mastered an Ultimate Technique
Wall Run (Bronze) – Successfully mastered the Wall Run technique
You Got Skills (Silver) – Unlocked all Ninja Skills for Hayabusa, Ayane, Momiji, Kasumi, and Unknown Ninja

Unlockable Secret Trophies

Advent of the Goddess (Bronze) – Finished Day 7
Antediluvian Slumber (Bronze) – Finished Day 3
Bumpy Ride (Bronze) – Finished Day 2
Cooperation (Bronze) – Finished Day 2 – Ayane
Hayabusa Style Grand Master (Bronze) – Reached Level 50
Initiate (Bronze) – Cleared 10 Acolyte Trials
Lone Ninja (Bronze) – Cleared 10 Solo Trials
Master Ninja (Gold) – Cleared the game on Master Ninja difficulty
Mentor (Silver) – Cleared the game on Hard difficulty
On Your Own (Bronze) – Finished Day 6 – Ayane
Overlord (Silver) – Cleared 5 Master Ninja Trials
Prestige (Bronze) – Cleared 5 Leader Trials
Shinobi (Bronze) – Cleared the game on Normal difficulty
Steel on Steel (Bronze) – Destroyed the Spider Tank
The Great Escape (Bronze) – Finished Day 4
The Grip of Murder (Bronze) – Finished Day 1
The Karma of a Shinobi (Bronze) – Finished Day 5
Ultimate (Gold) – Cleared 3 Ultimate Ninja Trials
Ultimate Ninja (Gold) – Cleared the game on Ultimate Ninja difficulty
Veteran (Bronze) – Cleared 10 Mentor Trials
Waiting (Bronze) – Finished Day 6

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