MTG – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012: Challenges Guide

In Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, there are fifteen challenges to complete, twelve solo challenges and three archenemy challenges (with AI partners).

These challenges are setup with specific cards every time, and it’s essentially a puzzle to figure out how to play the cards and win the match.

Here is a complete guide to win all of the challenges. I would suggest trying them a few times before using the guide. Remember, Stop Timer is your friend, and make sure to fully read the abilities on your cards because these abilities are usually the key to winning the harder challenges.

Solo Challenges

Rumble in the Jungle

  1. Block with Barony Vampire and Runeclaw Bear
  2. Attack

Death Blooms

  1. Stop Timer and activate Cudgel Troll’s Regenerate ability
  2. Block Mortivore with Cudgel Troll and Gaea’s Revenge with Zombie Outlander
  3. Attack using Zombie Outlander

In the Spider’s Web

  1. Block Storm Crow with your Furnace Whelp
  2. Attack with both Furnace Whelps, and as soon as Giant Spider has blocked one of them, use Stop Timer
  3. Activate the ability of the Furnace Whelp that isn’t being blocked using all of your remaining mana

With Fire and Sword

  1. Play Kor Duelist
  2. Equip Trusty Machete on Kor Duelist
  3. Block with Kor Duelist
  4. Attack

Lust for Blood

  1. Block with Vampire Nighthawk
  2. Attack

Master of Illusions

  1. Play an Island, then Time Warp and target yourself
  2. Cast Into the Roil on Mind Control
  3. Cast Preordain and send both cards to the bottom
  4. Summon 2 Phantasmal Bears and end your turn
  5. Play an Island and summon another Phantasmal Bear
  6. Cast Dreamborn Muse and use Stop Timer before it’s done casting
  7. Use Summoner’s Bane on Dreamborn Muse to gain an Illusion token
  8. Attack using Krovikan Mist

Welcome to the Pit

  1. Block Colossus of Sardia using Bloodthrone Vampire and spread your other three between the remaining attackers, with one blocking each attack
  2. Use Stop Timer after you have chosen your blockers and activate Bloodthrone Vampire’s ability multiple times (the one blocking Colossus of Sardia obviously) and sacrifice all four of the other creatures

Bane of Bolas

  1. Cast Aether Tradewinds and choose to return Thunder Dragon and Blood Tyrant
  2. Attack with Spellbound Dragon discarding Thunder Dragon

The Tangled Vale

  1. Cast Sign in Blood on Nissa, then Sudden Impact
  2. Cast Sickening Dreams and discard all of your cards
  3. Activate Terramorphic Expanse and return all four Bloodghast to the field
  4. Attack with all creatures on the field

Desperate Measures

  1. Use Stop Timer right away, then use Quicksilver Amulet to summon Duplicant
  2. Exile Sundering Titan, destroying any land in your hand
  3. Use Quicksilver Amulet to summon Precursor Golem
  4. Cast Fleeting Distraction on any Golem
  5. Play both your Island and Mox Sapphire and the cast Show and Tell choosing Icy Manipulator
  6. Activate Icy Manipulator and tap Akroma, Angel of Wrath
  7. Attack with Steel Hellkite and once it hits, activate it’s second ability using all of your mana to destroy Lich’s Tomb

Master your Destiny

  1. Cast Index and choose the following cards in order: Erratic Explosion, Tranquility, Bogardan Hellkite, Island, Coiling Oracle
  2. Play your Island and then cast Bloodbraid Elf, summoning Coiling Oracle
  3. Activate Djinn of Wishes’ Ability, playing Bogardan Hellkite
  4. Spread four points of damage to Air Elemental and one point to Illusionary Servant
  5. Attack with Bloodbraid Elf

Plots within Plots

  1. Cast Gifts Ungiven and choose Blaze, Dragonstorm, Gifts Ungiven, and Intuition
  2. Cast Gifts Ungiven again and choose Dragonstorm, Flame Burst, Grapeshot, and Intuition
  3. Cast Intuition and choose three Flame Burst
  4. Cast Flame Burst, Flame Burst, Grapeshot in that order targeting Karn

Archenemy Challenges

Might of the Mountains

  1. Cast Flight on Ashen Monstrosity
  2. Cast Earthquake, you will die and your allies will win

Kiss of Death

  1. Play a Forest
  2. Cast Giant’s Growth on Gideon’s Serra Ascendant
  3. Cast Lure on Liliana’s Deathcurse Ogre
  4. Cast Hunter’s Feast
  5. Use Legacy’s Allure on Death’s Shadow
  6. Attack with Death’s Shadow
  7. Once blockers are chosen, use Stop Timer and activate Fires of Yavimaya to boost Death’s Shadow

Seek No Longer

  1. Play a Mountain
  2. Attach Argentium Armor to Dragon Mage
  3. Attack with Argentium Armor’s effect to destroy Oblivion Ring, exiling Ajani’s Phyrexian Tyranny
  4. Wait for it… Win!

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  1. The Persian says

    My TNX g2 ‘TheDizle’ 4 that last 1 (Seek No Longer)

    The last post was ages ago, but still… @ Mike: The “Master Your Destiny” challenge does have a bug. There’s NO REASON you shouldn’t be able to target Jace.
    But in whole the challenges want a certain strategy from the player.

    btw, in “Plots within Plots”, it can also be Flame Burst, Grapeshot, Grapeshot.

  2. Maddog says

    I have to say this is just plain stupid. You essentially have to cheat to win by knowing which rules can be broken. I turned the game off and deleted it because of how incredibly lame that is. Is magic actually like that ? You cheat to win ? That is just sad. What a waste.

    • says

      I agree that the challenges leave something to be desired in this game, they aren’t really cheating.. you just need to know exactly which card to use at the right time. If you don’t, then the CPU wins every time. Some of them don’t exactly make sense though. The real MTG game isn’t really like the challenges no, it’s actually a lot better. You build your own deck and battle other people’s decks to see who’s is better.

  3. Mike says

    Can anyone explain why, for “Master Your Destiny”, I don’t win if I do the following:
    Play Island
    Cast Index
    Choose Island, Tranquility, Coiling Oracle, Bogardan Hellkite, and Erratic Explosion (so the last is on top)
    Cast Explore to draw Erratic Explosion
    Cast Erratic Explosion (which should do damage equal to the converted mana cost of Bogardan Hellkite)? It won’t let me assign damage against Jace; I select “Players” rather than “Creatures” and that’s all she wrote.

      • Mike says

        Well, that’s pretty foolish. Totally not the way to get me back into Magic, Wizards of the Coast (I stopped back at Ice Age and thought I’d give this xbox version a shot).

          • DB says

            Again thanks for figuring these out, and for venting. Even if (as I’d expected, and rightly so) you’d not approved my rant :)

            It’s good to know I’m not alone in my disappointment. I’ve also noted a couple or so serious bugs in the campaign play so far, which also (given my short time playing) leaves me feeling ripped off paying for this game. My only consolation is I picked it up on the half-off deal a while back.

          • says

            Honestly I can’t take full credit, as I found guides for them in various different places.. I do agree that some of the challenges are just down right silly. I kinda get what they were going for, but I don’t feel like it was implemented correctly.

    • Jerry says

      Jace has an enchantment that gives him hexproof. it’s not broken, you just can’t target him directly with the enchantment in play

    • Jeremy says

      Actual reason this happens is that Jace has a Leyline of Sanctity in play. Jace can’t be the target of spells or effects. Thus, when you play Erratic Explosion and choose players, you are the only possible target and it automatically deals 8 damage to you.

  4. DB says

    Thank you for the solution to the Archmage Challenge “Might of Mountains”. After trying several ways and means I was stumped.

    Not to burn you but I’ve got to vent…

    I’d hoped they would not have broken challenges. This one for example. Or have I missed something?

    Why doesn’t the Stratozep block? It will if it’s not done just the way you say. In fact the stupid game is so broken if you do just 4 points of quake damage (still enough to win if the Ashen isn’t blocked)… the NON-FLYING, NON-REACHing Island Serpent somehow blocks the FLYING Ashen. Instead of the legit blocker, the Stratozep. This wasn’t so much a challenge as an idiotic waste of time. Though once solved it was passing fun to see just how stupidly written the game play was by messing with it… for less than a whole minute before it was back to a pointless waste of time.

    Kudos for you or whoever figured it out. It escapes me how you ever came up with the solution barring trying every possible play combo including the ludicrously stupid ones.

    I’m not even going to bother trying the rest of these so called challenges, I expect at least some of them to be equally idiotic. So thanks in advance for doing the grunt work, I’ll just follow the guide and skip the time wasters these obviously are.

    • Jerry says

      The Ashen only has flying while you are alive. once you cat a five point quake you are dead, the Ashen falls and can no longer be blocked. If you only cast a 4 pointer, you still die, the serpent lives and the Ashen gets blocked because it is no longer flying

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