Mortal Kombat 9 (2011): Stage Fatalities List for Xbox 360

In Mortal Kombat (aka Mortal Kombat 9, 2011 version) for the Xbox 360, there are seven stages that you can perform Stage Fatalities on for each character.

Every character has a different move to perform a stage fatality, and each one is performed at close range to your opponent. You do not purchase these like the secondary fatalities, they are hidden and you simply need to perform them in either Arcade or Versus mode to add them to your moves list.

Note: For any fatality with an Up direction, simply hold block during the directional buttons, let go of block and quickly hit your final button to perform the move without jumping.

Here are the stages that you can perform a Stage Fatality on:

  • Hell
  • Subway
  • The Dead Pool
  • The Living Forest
  • The Pit (Day)
  • The Pit (Night)
  • The Street

Here is the full list of Stage Fatalities for each character. Check out my other guides if you’re looking for Stage Fatalities for the PS3, or if you’re looking for full lists of Fatalities for Mortal Kombat.

Stage Fatality – Down, Down, Down, Down, A

Cyber Sub-Zero
Down, Down, Up, RT

Down, Up, RT

Down, Up, Down, Down, A

Freddy Krueger
Forward, Down, Down, A

Back, Forward, Down, RT

Down, Forward, Down, X

Johnny Cage
Down, Back, Forward, RT

Down, Down, B

Up, Up, Back, A

Down, Foward, Down, A in close range

Forward, Down, Down, A

Kung Lao
Down, Forward, Down, A

Liu Kang
Down, Forward, Back, A

Down, Down, Down, X

Down, Down, Down, RT

Noob Saibot
Forward, Down, Forward, RT

Quan Chi
Back, Forward, Down, Y

Down, Down, Down, Y

Forward, Down, Forward, B

Forward, Down, Down, RT

Forward, Up, Up, X

Down, Forward, Down, RT

Shang Tsung
Up, Up, Back, X

Down, Down, Down, Down, X

Down, Down, Down, X

Forward, Back, Forward, X

Forward, Up, Up, X

Sonya Blade
Back, Forward, Down, Y

Forward, Up, Up, B

Forward, Down, Back, Y

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  1. Chicago_Guy says

    Say for example I am playing as Scorpion, will Forward, Up, Up, X work on ALL the stages you mentioned? I can do Forward, Up, Up, X on BOTH Hell stage and The Street and it will work? I need to know! Answer me ASAP before I have to return this game back to my buddy. Thanks.

  2. jae says

    How come it says “varies” for Jax and Sonya’s Stage Fatalities? If it really does matter the distance you are from the character would you mind adding that the your list. Thanks

  3. Leo says

    Can you put what arena to do the stage fatalities on for each character please because i know what stages you told us to use but i don’t know what arena to use for the specific characters By the way great post that’s just 1 thing i didn’t understand

  4. Noob sai bot? says

    thx for the list, tho i need to know the distance i should be for each stage. back to my 100 year journey…

    • says

      Copied from the guide.. “Every character has a different move to perform a stage fatality, and each one is performed at close range to your opponent.” I have not found a stage fatality yet that doesn’t work at close range.

  5. Thomas says

    thank you for showing how to get secret achievements as i never have got secret achievements for x box 360 games before

    • says

      Because you don’t purchase them like you do the secondary fatalities.. you just need to perform them in Arcade or Versus mode and they’ll be in your moves list.

      • Person says

        A single character is not assigned to a certain stage. You can perform any character’s stage fatality where ever you want. Trust me, I’ve tried every single character’s stage fatality on every different stage.

        • says

          I’m not sure what you’re referring to. All I said was that each character performs a different move to perform the same stage fatality, it wasn’t anything to do with characters being assigned to certain stages.

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