Mortal Kombat 9 (2011): Stage Fatalities List for PS3

In Mortal Kombat (aka Mortal Kombat 9, 2011 version) for the PS3, there are eight stages that you can perform Stage Fatalities on for each character.

Every character has a different move to perform a Stage Fatality, and each one is performed at close range to your opponent. You do not purchase these like the secondary fatalities, they are hidden and you simply need to perform them in either Arcade or Versus mode to add them to your moves list.

Kratos’ stage, The Chamber of the Flame works a little differently in that after you perform the Stage Fatality it pops up a quicktime event to press Square, Triangle, or Circle to perform different Fatalities. (thanks to Willprot and Dome for leaving comments to clarify this)

Note: For any fatality with an Up direction, simply hold block during the directional buttons, let go of block and quickly hit your final button to perform the move without jumping.

Here are the stages that you can perform a Stage Fatality on:

  • Chamber of the Flame
  • Hell
  • Subway
  • The Dead Pool
  • The Living Forest
  • The Pit (Day)
  • The Pit (Night)
  • The Street

Here is the full list of Stage Fatalities for each character on the PS3.

Check out my other guides if you’re looking for Stage Fatalities for the Xbox 360, or if you’re looking for full lists of Fatalities for Mortal Kombat.

Down, Down, Down, Down, X

Cyber Sub-Zero
Down, Down, Up, R2

Down, Up, R2

Down, Up, Down, Down, X

Freddy Krueger
Forward, Down, Down, X

Back, Forward, Down, R2

Down, Forward, Down, Square

Johnny Cage
Down, Back, Forward, R2

Down, Down, Circle

Up, Up, Back, X

Down, Foward, Down, X Close Range

Forward, Down, Down, X

Down, Down, Down, X

Kung Lao
Down, Forward, Down, X

Liu Kang
Down, Forward, Back, X

Down, Down, Down, Square

Down, Down, Down, R2

Noob Saibot
Forward, Down, Forward, R2

Quan Chi
Back, Forward, Down, Triangle

Down, Down, Down, Triangle

Forward, Down, Forward, Circle

Forward, Down, Down, R2

Forward, Up, Up, Square

Down, Forward, Down, R2

Shang Tsung
Up, Up, Back, Square

Down, Down, Down, Down, Square

Down, Down, Down, Square

Forward, Back, Forward, Square

Forward, Up, Up, Square

Sonya Blade
Back, Forward, Down, Triangle

Forward, Up, Up, Circle

Forward, Down, Back, Triangle

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  1. says

    I need help doing babality because can’t do them .I don’t know why plusIeven tried liukangs everyone said is the easiestand still doesn’t work.please report to me on to do one.OK.

  2. Tasheem says

    it says that i have to do a game update in order to to use one of my purchaces,what to do to put on the characters skins, i need help

  3. Duds says

    NONE of these are working for me on my ps3 I tried all of them on the levels they are performed on and I can’t get scorpion’s and I’m gettin mad!

  4. Carlos Fuentes says

    Oh wait, nvr mind. I just saw them my B. But, I still need some help with unlocking their alternative costumes. Thx again

  5. Carlos Fuentes says

    This is a great section to unlock everything, thanks a bunch. Quick question, do you know the stage fatalities for Skarlet, Rain and Kenshi? As well as on how to unlock there second fatality?! Other than that, I’m already performing fatalities. LOL’S thx again

  6. mj says

    HUGE, HUGE HUGE, thanks to you guys fer posting up the stage fatalities. since these are moves which you’re not able to earn, it helps big time that there are sites like this that helps a player out. the other fatalities i wanna earn on my own, but the moves i’m not able to earn, i greatly appreciate being told how to do ‘em. once again guys; great thanks and keep rockin. God bless.

  7. naija boy says

    Thanks guyd fo a wonderful work n tutorial, bt i hv a problem with doin d stage fatalities, i mean i dnt knw d distance to which i can do it, i hv tried touch distance or on close range bt nt workn for me



    • david says

      yes you can go to the krypt and buy random things and there will be all kinds of things like artwork costum and fatalitys, if you have unlocked a alternate costum go to nekropolis and click on the charachter than you can chose a costume by pressing start when your charachter is highlighted when you can chose your fighter.
      i hope this answers your quostion. if this was helpfull please subscribe at my chanel….. destuntmachine im starting in september with fun videos with all crazy stunts..
      your welcome

  9. David says

    One of your messages said @Davidpac. What is this. It is extremely similar to my name. I’m just curious, I’m not trippin.

  10. darkchuky says

    OK so i been trying to use scorpion’s stage fatality but it does not work can you explain?? plz

    • insaneasylum says

      To do Scorpion’s stage fatality, you need to do this:

      tap towards than up, and when you JUST LAND quickly tap up and square at the same time, and you will execute this move.

      I had to do the same equation for one of Ermac’s fatalities.

      So, it’s Forward, Up, than Up+Square AS YOU LAND.

    • says

      It says it at the top of the guide.. “each one is performed at close range to your opponent.” Some sites state that it depends on the stage, but I have tried them for every level at close range and they all work fine. The buttons pressed depends on the default button layout though.

      • says

        Hay don’t say that.He might be a fan of mortal kombat for along time like I am. Cause I was a fan of mortal kombat for whole years. So that’s when I was 3 to now that I am 11. Plus I have all of them.

    • Chief says

      look dude, almost any who is anyone that has purchased this game know at least 1 of 3 things.

      1. fatalities happen when a player beats the amount of rounds submitted and inputs the kode (lol)

      2. the pit and deadpool are extremely simple examples of how to do a basic fatality doing these successfully makes you feel better about your survival

      3. the codes need to be put in fast enough for the computer to register them as fatality codes, if you don’t then you’re either really really, slow, too far away, or you simply bought the demo.

    • TJ says

      My Appoligies for this statement they are infact correct for the DEFULT Button Setting . i am sorry yes. but can you please note that if you change your buttons lets say to the Classic mortal kombat settings Highpunch(Square)Lowpunch(X)
      Highkick(Triangle)Lowkick(Circle) the buttons change for Fatalities and i found out that they are.. now this if the fatality calls for X then the button is Triangle. if called for Square the button is X . if called for Circle the button is Square and if called for Triangle the button is Circle GOT THAT? lol

      Called Actuall

      Square X
      X Triangle
      Circle Square
      Triangle Circle

  11. Nick N says

    When it says I have a krypt kollectable such as “barakas blades” for example, what does that mean? I’ve unlocked a bunch of collectables and idk where in the krypt I can look at them, or what it even means. I go to the character in the nekropolis thing and that don’t do nothing. Any thing I’m missin?

    • says

      When you unlock the items, you go to the Nekropolis and click on them and it unlocks the costume. Go to Versus or Arcade mode and click Start with that character selected and it should bring up the alternate costume selection.

  12. Refractured says

    It would be nice if you listed the distances you need to be to perform the fatality for these stages as well. I cannot find this anywhere.

    • says

      Those fatalities are unlocked with the alternate costume pack only that came with the preorder. Not sure if they’ll be available to the rest of us later or not.

  13. Vinny says

    You’re welcome. I appreciate you fixing it because no other site is correcting this. I had such a struggle trying to figure out what was going wrong but finally figured it out with a little trial and error. Thanks for the update. It will save a lot of countless headaches. ;)

  14. Davidpac says

    How do you unlock the stage fatalities? I have purchased almost all of the crypt and no stage fatalities so far

    • says

      @Davidpac You do not have to purchase them or unlock them, just perform them at least once in Arcade or Versus mode to add them to your moves list.

  15. ghost187 says

    Does Liu Kang’s stage fatality only have D-Pad directions? Cause it looks like it’s missing a button command, like a punch or a kick.

  16. Vinny says

    There is a mistake on Liu Kangs stage fatality. Its supposed to be down, foward, back and x for PS3. Every single game website is making this same error or getting the controller confused with Xbox’s. Its not the A button, its the X button. Believe me, there are some websites actually making this same exact mistake. Weird.

    • says

      Thanks, I’ve already corrected it. Most sites get the same data, which is why I always try to verify them as quickly as possible, but with so many moves it’s tough to catch all of them.. which is why I like it when people post corrections in comments =)

  17. willprot says

    Yes it’s just a regular stage fatality that has a quicktime event pop up during to choose the ending, however I see you stated “verifying information on the Xbox 360″. As it is Kratos’ level I would assume the 360 doesn’t have that arena but can’t say for sure.

  18. Dome says

    @TheDizle: You have to stand close to your enemy to start the fatality. Then you can choose how to kill him with a Quick Time Event. O, [] and Triangle are the 3 different fatalities.

  19. Steve says

    Actually there are 8 in the PS3 version.

    The one you missed is Chamber of the Flame, Kratos’ stage…. And you can actually choose 3 different fatalities for this stage.

    • says

      Thanks for the info. I am verifying information on the Xbox 360, so I appreciate that. I’ll be updating the article accordingly. Any way you can explain the three fatalities? Is it based on distance?

      • mk 4life says

        no u just hold the person over the edge and 3 button chocies will appear and u hit 1 of thoes 3 buttons 2 choosew which one you want.
        1. fire chamber
        2. axe cutter
        3. some sort of giant meat tenderizer

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