Minecraft: How to Make Glass

In Minecraft, you can make Glass cubes which you can use for decoration, or simply as a safe window for your house.

To make glass, you’ll need a Furnace. Place a block of Sand in the top, and any heat source in the bottom, like a piece of wood, coal, or charcoal. You’ll get one cube of glass for every cube of sand you use.

Once you place a glass block, you can’t get it back. Once you break it, it’s gone for good.

minecraft: how to make glass

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  1. Savannah says

    heh, fwwf. that’s a lot of help thank you! i’m new to survival mode, so i have no clue how to make all this stuff. (i’d say i’m probably more of a creative player)

  2. wingnut says

    u can just get invedit its simple to useit gives u any bocks u whant and made by the makers of too many items mod no vi4us i got it

    • says

      Diamonds and lava are both toward the bottom of the map. Keep digging down, and once you hit bedrock you’ll start to find lava.

      Diamonds are primarily on levels 10 to 16, so dig down until you find the lowest level of bedrock, and that’s level 1 (I think there are 4 levels of bedrock), then count up from there. I usually post signs so I know where I’m at. The best way to find diamonds is to start on level 10 and make tunnels three squares high, so you’ll be digging out levels 10, 11, and 12. Make straight tunnels, then move a square over and make another. Move up to level 14 and do the same thing right above your current tunnels, since you’ll be able to see level 13 from top and bottom without digging that level. This is the most efficient way to find diamonds.

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