Minecraft: How to Make an Enchantment Table

In Minecraft for the PC, enchantment tables are used to enchant weapons, tools, and armor with powerful enchantments to help pwn n00bs.. or well, Creepers, Zombies and such.

Making an enchantment table requires some of the more rare blocks in the game, so this won’t necessarily be easy for everyone right off the bat.

To make an enchantment table, you’ll need four pieces of obsidian (which you can make yourself by pouring water onto lava source blocks, you’ll need a diamond pickaxe to break), two diamonds (smelt diamond ore), and one book. Place them all into the crafting table like in the picture below.

Minecraft: How to make an enchantment table

Surround your enchantment table with as many bookshelves as you can to create more powerful enchantments. You need to have at least one block of air away from the enchantment table though.

Minecraft: Enchantment table surrounded with bookshelves

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    • crawj014 says

      well of course not you don’t get experience points when u kill mobs so you cant enchant things so whats the point of complaining to nothing?

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