Minecraft: How to Make an Easy Monster Trap

In Minecraft, monsters can be somewhat tough to kill, especially at the beginning of the game, but what if I told you that you could make a simple trap to kill a bunch of monsters without much effort?

First, find a moderately flat area with some open space that is hit by sunlight all day long.

Next, dig up a bunch of sand and smelt it into glass using your furnace. You’ll need just short of a full stack if you want to make the entire thing out of glass.

With your glass, build a small house out of it 6×6 cubes wide, and 3 cubes tall. I also put in some steps inside to jump out if necessary.

Note that you don’t necessarily have to build the entire thing out of glass, but it does make it much easier to see the monsters outside.

The last step, and the most important part is to dig a moat around your house two cubes deep. Leave a cube on each side of your door untouched so you don’t fall in by accident.

This is what your house should look like when you’re finished. Notice the sheep stuck in the moat because there’s no way out.

Minecraft: Making a monster trap glass house

Once it starts to get dark, run to your glass house and shut the door, and wait until you see a few monsters spawn outside. Open the door, taunt them a bit to get them to chase you, and then run back into your house and shut the door. They’ll fall into the moat around your house and they won’t be able to escape. Keep doing this until you have all nearby monsters trapped in your moat.

Now, the best part is to simply wait until the sun comes up and watch all of them burn to death, then collect all of their loot.

This only works on monsters that burn to death in the sun, so if you see any Creepers then don’t lure them to your trap.

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  1. casey says

    You could make it four blocks deep and put water inside up to three blocks high with trap doors on the fourth block.[Make sure it is placed on the fourth block or this will not work!!!]

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