Minecraft: How to Make a Torch

In Minecraft, torches are essential to your survival in the game, and just to be able to see when you’re digging.

To make a torch, you can use the crafting section of your inventory, or the Crafting Table. You’ll need one Stick, and one piece of Coal or Charcoal. Coal is mined, from stone cubes that have black spots on them. Charcoal can be created in the Furnace by burning wood with any heat source.

minecraft: making charcoal

Place your materials into the crafting section of your inventory, or into the Crafting Table as shown below to make your torches. You’ll receive four torches every time you craft them.

minecraft: crafting torches

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  1. Burn2509 says

    Thank you for telling me how to make a torch for it shall help me to light up my massive house instead of using windows for the sun to produce lights instead.

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