Minecraft: How to Make a Sword

In Minecraft, you can make a sword to protect yourself from the creatures that roam the map, especially at night.

To make a sword, the first thing you need is a Crafting Table. You’ll also need one Stick and two other cubes that a sword can be made from, which are Gold Ingots, Wooden Planks, Cobblestone, Iron Ingots, or Diamond Gems, in order of durability and damage. Don’t make weapons out of gold, they suck.

Tip: Ingots are created from smelting raw materials in the furnace. For example, to make Iron Ingots, place raw Iron Ore that you’ve mined into the furnace with a heat source.

Place the materials in your Crafting Table as shown in the pictures below to make your sword.

minecraft: crafting a wooden sword

minecraft: crafting a stone sword

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