Minecraft: How to Make a Piston

In Minecraft, Pistons are pretty kick ass blocks that you can use to move other blocks around, or create elevators, complex doors, and all sorts of other crazy contraptions.

If you’re creative, there are a ton of things that you can make with Pistons.

To make a Piston, you’ll need the Crafting Table, three Wooden Planks, four pieces of Cobblestone, one Iron Ingot, and one Redstone dust.

Redstone dust can be found in the lower levels of the map, around where you would find lava and diamond. Dig enough down there and you’ll have about as much as you’ll ever need.

Combine all of your ingredients into the Crafting Table as shown below to get your Piston. Each combination gives you a single Piston.

Minecraft: How to Make a Piston

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