Minecraft: How to Make a Bow

In Minecraft, you can create a Bow to help defend yourself at a safe distance.

To make a Bow, you’ll need a Crafting Table, three Sticks, and three pieces of String which can be found by killing Spiders. Spiders can typically be found at night, or early in the morning as the sun is coming up.

Place your pieces into the Crafting Table like the picture shows below. You’ll notice that it is the same basic shape as a real Bow.

Minecraft: How to make a bow

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  1. honeydew says

    if u play survival on minecraft email me for tips

    hi im simon from the yogscast.
    watch yogscast vids for minecraft if you want any help :)

  2. Chuck Norris says

    Minecraft is the best!!!!!! BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!! I PLAY CREATIVE MODE THOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!! THEN YOU GET TO DO WHATEVER THE FU** YOU WANT!!!!

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