Minecraft: How to Make a Bed

In Minecraft, you can make a bed to sleep through the night instead of waiting for the sun to come up.

To make a bed, you’ll first need a Crafting Table. You’ll also need three Wooden Planks, and three cubes of Wool. Wool is obtained from sheep. You just need to hit a sheep once with your fists and it will drop all of its wool.

Place the materials into your Crafting Table as shown in the picture below to crate your bed. You can use any color of wool, it will always create a red bed.

minecraft: crafting a bed

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  1. serena j says

    whats a spammer? never mind anyway here’s a command
    gamemode 0 (goes to survival mode)

    gamemode 1 (goes to creativity mode)

    gamemode 2 (goes to hardcoremode)

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