Minecraft: How to Find Wolves

In Minecraft, finding wolves isn’t always easy. I’ve compiled some tips that may help you find the elusive creatures though, so you’ll have an obedient pack of wolves following you in no time.

First, wolves only spawn in Forest or Taiga biomes. Forest biomes, that’s pretty self explanatory, but Taiga biomes, those are the snow covered mountainous areas of the map.

Wolves also migrate to light, just like the other wild animals, so you can use this to your advantage. Find a Forest or Taiga biome, and place a lot of torches in several different areas. Animals don’t spawn close to you, so spread your lit areas around a little bit and keep roaming between them to check for wolves.¬†Wolves attack the other creatures, so this actually helps you out since the other animals migrate to the light as well.

Check out my other guide if you need help taming the wolves you find.

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