Minecraft: How to Eat Food

In Minecraft for the PC, it’s a lot more important to eat food now than it used to be.

Before, food was just used to restore health, and you could go days without taking damage. Now however, it’s a different story. Just jumping around can deplete your hunger bar, so we all need to know how to eat. You can’t just walk around and and starve yourself like Calista Flockhart.. ok so that’s a bad example for you young pups, but I digress.

What you do is you take some food, and stick it in your mouth..

And if you need more explanation than that to eat something, just pick up something eatable and place it in your hand. While holding the food item, click and hold the right mouse button to consume it.

Now you won’t be so hungry, and you’ll gain some of that lost health back.. and possibly put on a few pounds as well you skinny ass..

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