Kingdoms of Amalur – Reckoning: How to Get a House

In Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, if you’re a pack-rat like me then you’re going to want a house to store all of your goods right away, so where can you get a house quickly in the game?

One of the first houses you’ll have access to is called Gossamer End in the town of Canneroc, which is in Webwood. Complete the quest there named “Tangled Web” and it will be given to you for free once you complete it. Basically, you’re asked to kill the leader of the town, but if you tell the person what’s going on then you’ll end up with a key to the house.

I’m unsure if actually killing them nets the same result or not, so if you test it and find out please post in the comments what you find out.

Do not, I repeat DO NOT fail this quest if you want a house early on and you don’t plan to purchase the Season Pass to get the house from there. If you fail this quest, then the next place to get a house will be in Adesa┬ácalled Sandstone Villa, which is quite a bit further into the game.

There is another house available as well called House of Valor in Alserund that comes with the Online Pass for the game (which comes with the game if you buy it from a retail store). You’ll have to do a quest first in order to gain access to it.

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  1. mryodahippie7 says

    I accidently killed everyone in the canneroc afterdoing the tangled web quest, i was new to the game so i dont know if i got the keys and pawned em ( not knowing ) or if i just failed. so the next house available is a ways off, I dont want to restart the game again, any ideas for me to get some storage or the next available house besides webwood in cannorock ( theyre all dead, i killed em after caught stealing ! ).

    • Deatheater says

      if you finished and returned the quest killing everyone shouldnt cause you to fail the quest but to be sure try to enter the house. if you fail to enter the house or recive a message that you need key to the house that’ll mean you failed the quest but if you are able to enter without any problems or messages that means you didnt fail the quest so enjoy your home

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