Injustice: Gods Among Us – How to Unlock Battles in Battle Mode

You start off with a hand full of battles in Battle Mode in Injustice: Gods Among Us, but there are fifteen more locked battlesthat you’ll need to unlock in order to play through.

If you go to the Main Menu, you’ll go to Bonus Features – Archives – Battle and you’ll see the rest of the battles you can unlock with Access Cards, which you get from playing the various different game modes, and from leveling up.

Here is the complete list of battles that you can unlock. Each of these costs one Access Card, so you’ll need a total of fifteen Access Cards to unlock all of the battles.

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Unlockable Battles in Battle Mode

Combo Heaven – You must perform a combo the required number of hits and win the match
Countdown – You must defeat each of your opponents in under 30 seconds
Full House – Try to defeat the entire cast of Injustice
Fully Charged – Both you and your opponent have unlimited Super Meter, but Super Moves are disabled
Give and Take – You and your opponent gain health on each landed attack
Help From Above – Your opponents’s health will be restored to full every 30 seconds
Impossible – Attempt to defeat the entire cast of Injustice with a single Health Meter
Injured – Begin each match with only one quarter of your maximum health
Mirror Match – Fight as your opponent in a series of mirror matches
Mystery – Each match grants a mystery ff or debuff to your fighter
Random Fighter – Fight each opponent with a randomly chosen hero or villain
Sidekick – Two opponents per match on a single arena will push your abilities to the max
Speed Run – Can you defeat all of your opponents in under 3 minutes?
The Max – You have one chance to defeat all of your opponents at maximum difficulty
Unstoppable – Defeat all of your opponents without losing a single match

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