How to Sync Remotes & Add More Controllers To Your Wii

Since all of the Wii remotes are wireless, you have to sync them to your Nintendo Wii in order for them to work. So how do you sync them to your Wii?

The first thing is, you usually need to be at the main screen on the Wii. Syncing doesn’t always work when you’re playing a game.

Next, look at the front of the Wii and you’ll see a small flap near the bottom. Pull that flap down and you should see a red sync button. Don’t press it yet though.

Take the battery cover off of the back of your remote and you’ll see a small red sync button here too.

Now press and hold the sync button on the Wii for a second and let go, then press and hold the sync button on the remote for a second and let go. You should notice that the LED’s on the front of the remote will flash for a few seconds, and then one should light up indicating which remote position it’s in (1, 2, 3, or 4).

That’s it, now that your remote is synced you just need to press any button when the Wii is on to wake it up. Once your remote is synced, it shouldn’t need to be synced again unless you try to use that remote on a different Wii.

Every now and then a remote may become unsynced after losing battery power for an extended period of time however, which is normal.

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