GTA4: How to Use Cell Phone

In Grand Theft Auto 4, you may be tempted start entering cheat codes in your phone right away when you start the game.

You can’t take out the cell phone however until you reach the mission where Roman gives you the phone during a story mission.

Once you have the phone, simply press UP on the D-pad two times so that you can dial the number.

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  1. Andrew says

    All of us generally know to play the game long enough to get the phone from Roman. It’s like less than 5 min in. Offering that advice is pretty useless and condescending after the first time. You’re obviously not putting yourself in anyone else’s shoes. I bought this game, for the second time, this time online. After tons of requirements for new accounts and passwords (3 new ones by my count) I still can’t save and now the phone bugs on me.

    I just quit the game out of frustration again, as even if I couldn’t save I’d like to put some cheats in and run around a bit. No dice. Phone gets stuck between the option of multiplayer and video modes. Can pick up and get out of phone but can’t get it out of this two option setting. Reverted to smashing keyboard all over. Maybe I should cut the game as a loss, move on and stop trying to salvage things. If a game is going to be set up to be this hard to enjoy, why even waste your time?

  2. Derp says

    I was able to pull the phone up with Tab at the very beginning of the game after Roman shows you his shitty apartment. I couldn’t exit out of no matter what I tried.

  3. JessicaLoVE says

    I’m pressing up on the D-Pad 2 times but it keeps telling me that something in my profile is not right or something and it won’t let the key pad come up to put the codes in…. This is the 1st time I’ve ever played this game & I really could use some help!!!! Can someone tell me what to do please??

  4. alex lopez says

    you need to do the first mission and roman will give you a phone and click the top + twice and you can use it

  5. Shaun says

    Yes i dont use cheat codes. No offense but only real gamers dont use them. The GTA series is farely easy for the missions. But yeah i will keep this in mind when the kids want to play some time, so they wont die lol.

  6. dragon ball says

    you all are shits what kind of questions do you ask.they told you 10000000times first get the selfphone

  7. Tiarnan says

    im on the second level and im wondering the way there is letters aswell as numbers on you fone and i was wondering can you use the letters

  8. Bren says

    you can’t use the phone until Roman gives you one, give him a lift to the gambling place, look for the R on the map and follow instructions. then press up twice

  9. stig says

    how on earth do you use the phone i have just bought the game brand new and it wont work i have pressed up and a screen comes up i prees up again and nothing happens what do i do help help help!!!!!!

  10. lovezz says

    can you helpz meh? umm, im like tryinn to beat that MISSION but the jackerzz people KEEP killing the shit out of meh. could someone help meh ? … ppllz ppllz plz plz. THankZ ! muah. .!

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