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GTA Online – How to Unlock Survival Mode & Survival Mode Maps

In GTA Online, Survival Mode is a job type that throws waves of enemies at you, increasing in difficulty as the waves continue.

Personally, Survival Mode is one of my favorite jobs. It’s difficult enough to be a challenge, and playing with some friends makes it even better. You also get some nice RP and money as well if you can manage to survive all or most of the waves.

Unlocking Survival Mode

Survival Mode is unlocked at rank 15, but isn’t immediately available. You should receive a call from Ron some time shortly after you reach rank 15, so make sure you answer the call. If you happen to miss it, he should call back after a while.

After speaking to Ron, you’ll receive a mission marker that takes you to Trevor’s house up in Sandy Shores.

Speaking with Trevor will be about what you would normally expect from him.. strange dribble from a seemingly deranged man. He talks about going out and doing some work for him, or something to that effect.

You’ll end up with a mission marker where you’ll do your first Survival job. Once you either complete the job, or fail, Survival Mode will be unlocked, as well as two other Survival Mode maps: Industrial Plant, and Sandy Survival.

Unlocking More Maps

You’ll unlock more maps as you rank up. Railyard Survival is unlocked at rank 20, and Processed is unlocked at rank 25.

Keep in mind that Railyard and Processed are a bit more difficult than the initial maps, but they have the same reward for completion.

*Note – Anyone can play a Survival Mode map at any rank if you’re invited by another player that has it unlocked.

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  1. sudon't says

    Actually, Industrial Plant is one of the tougher Survivals. Make sure you have four players. Boneyard and Processed are the easiest. Here’s a tip that helped me out when I first started:

    Survivals are not only a lot of fun, they make you good money, and they allow you to acquire almost every weapon in the game, which you can keep as long as you are in the same session. Unfortunately, you cannot buy ammo for them, but another Survival will top you up.
    What I used to do when I was low rank was start every session with Boneyard, even if I had to solo it, so I could acquire all weapons. Then, when I went to Freemode, I was strapped. You can survive Boneyard by staying behind the trailer.
    If you don’t kill the last guy, or if you kill both shooters in a chopper and leave the pilot flying around harmlessly, you can run around and pick up whatever’s available. Often, in Boneyard, there’s a guy stuck in the bus. Save him for last, and stay out of his way while you pick up weapons, ammo, armor, money, and snacks.

  2. wut? says

    So everything went well but after i had the conversation with trevor, i did not get a mission marker on my map.

  3. Alex says

    HERES WHAT HAPPEnED FOR ME when i was level 14 i get the call from ron visit trevor do the mission at level 14 and now that im fifteen it wont give me the call again and its still not unlocked PLZ HELP

  4. stp76 says

    I am level 19
    haven’t had a call from him, I have been in freemode and done jobs online. how do I get ahold of ROnÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉ

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