Gran Turismo 5: Unlockable Cars

There are over 1,000 cars available in Gran Turismo 5 for the PS3. Some are given to you by default, some you have to purchase, and some are unlocked by winning specific events, etc. Here is a list of cars I’ve found so far and how to unlock them.

Note that (S) stands for Standard and (P) stands for Premium.

Cars Unlocked in License Tests

B License Test
Bronze – Mazda Demio Sport ’03 (S)
Silver – Daihatsu OFC-1 Concept ’07 (P)
Gold – TommyKaira ZZ-S ’00 (S)

A License Test
Bronze – Nissan mm-R Cup Car ’01 (S)
Silver – Mazda Atenza Concept ’01 (S)
Gold – Isuzu 4200R ’89 Concept (P)

IC License Test
Bronze – Acura DN-X Concept ’02 (S)
Silver – Autobacs Garaiya ’02 (S)
Gold – Nissan GT-R Concept ’01 (S)

IB License Test
Bronze – Mazda Eunos Roadster J-Limited ’91 (P)
Silver – Mitsubishi HSR-II Concept ’89 (S)
Gold – Honda S800 RSC Race Car ’68 (S)

IA License Test
Bronze – Dodge RAM 1500 Laramie Hemi Quad Cab ’04 (S)
Silver – Land Rover Range Stormer Concept ’04 (S)
Gold – Ford GT ’05 (S)

S License Test
Bronze – Opera Honda S2000 ’04 (P)
Silver – Mazda MX-Crossport Concept ’05 (P)
Gold – Nissan GT-R Spec-V GT Academy Version ’09 (P)

Cars Unlocked in Special Events

Flight Academy Mercedes-Benz AMG Advanced
Bronze – Mercedes-Benz A 160 Avangarde ’98 (S)
Silver – Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG ’08 (P)
Gold – Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG ’10 (P)

Flight Academy Mercedes-Benz AMG Expert
Bronze – Mercedes-Benz SLK 230 Kompressor ’02 (S)
Silver – Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG ’04 (S)
Gold – Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren ’03 (S)

Jeff Gordon NASCAR School
Bronze – Classic Muscle Car (S/P)
Silver – Modern Muscle Car (S/P)
Gold – NASCAR (P)

Rally Gran Turismo
Easy – Roadgoing Rally Car (S/P)
Intermediate – WRC Style Rally Car (S/P)
Advanced – Historic Rally Car (S/P)

Sebastien Loeb Rally Challenge
Bronze – Citroën C3 1.6 ’02 (S)
Silver – Citroën C4 Coupe 2.0 VTS ’05 (P)
Gold – Citroën C4 WRC ’08 (P)

Top Gear Test Track
Intermediate – Lotus Elise Type 72 ’01 (S)
Advanced – Jaguar XFR ’10 (S)

Cars Unlocked in B-Spec

B-Spec Beginner
All Gold Beginner – Gift Car Ticket Level 5 (S/P)
European Classic Car Championship – Fiat 500 F ’65 (P)
FF Cup – Honda Civic Type-R EK ’97 (P)
FR Challenge – Toyota FT-86 G Concept ’10 (P)
Japanese Classics – Isuzu 117 Coupe ’68 (S)
Light Weight Cup – Daihatsu Move SR-XX 4WD ’97 (S)
Sunday Cup – Toyota Yaris U Euro Sport Edition (J) ’00 (S)
Vitz Race – Toyota Prius G ’09 (P)
World Classic Car Series – Volkswagen Beetle 1100 S Type-11 ’49 (S)
World Compact Car Race – Autobianchi A112 Abarth ’79 (S)

B-Spec Amateur
All France Championship – Alpine A110 1600 ’73 (S)
All Gold Amateur – Gift Car Ticket Level 9 (S/P)
Classic Muscle Car Championship – Shelby AC Cobra 427 ’66 (P)
Clubman Cup – TRD Celica TRD Sports M ZZT231 ’00 (S)
European Hot Hatch Championship – Volkswagen Lupo Cup Car ’00 (S)
Festival Italia – Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Sp ciale ’63 (S)
Japanese 90’s Challenge – Mazda 323F ’93 (S)
NR-A Roadster Cup – Mazda Furai Concept ’08 (S)
Sport Truck – Raceaihatsu Midget II D Type ’98 (S)
Supercar Nostalgia Cup – DMC DeLorean S2 ’04 (S)

B-Spec Professional
All Gold Professional – Gift Car Ticket Level 12 (S/P)
British Lightweight – Lotus Elan S1 ’62 (P)
GT World Championship – Pagani Zonda R ’09 (P)
la Festa Cavillino – Ferrari F40 ’92 (P)
Lamborghini Exclusive – Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary ’88 (S)
Lupo GTI Cup – Volkswagen Lupo GTI ’01(S)
Mini Challenge – Marcos Mini ’70 (S)
Muscle Car Championship – Ford Mustang GT ’05 (P)
Sports Car Cup 80’s Festival – Isuzu Piazza XE ’81(S)
Supercar Festival – Hyundai Clix Concept ’01 (S)

B-Spec Expert
All Gold Expert – Gift Car Ticket Level 17 (S/P)
Gran Turismo All Stars – Amuse Nismo 380RS Super Leggera (P)
Historic Racing Car Cup – Alfa Romeo Giulia TZZ (S)
Japanese Championship – Opera Performance 350Z (P)
MR Sports Cup – Cadillac Cien Concept ’02 (P)
Polyphony Digital Cup – Nissan Gran Turismo Skyline GT-R ’01 (P)
Schwarzwald League A – Opel Speedster ’00 (P)
Trofeo Gallardo – Lancia Stratos ’73 (S)
Tuning Car Grand Prix – AEM S2000 (P)
Turbo Race – Honda City Turbo II ’83 (S)

B-Spec Extreme
Like The Wind – Toyota 7 Race Car ’70 (S)
Schwarzwald League B – Audi Nuvolari Quattro (S)
Super GT – Toyota Castrol TOM’s Supra ’97 (P)

Cars Unlocked in A-Spec

A-Spec Beginner
All Gold Beginner – Gift Car Ticket Level 5 (S/P)
European Classic Car Championship – Volkswagen Kubelwagen Type 82 ’44 (P)
FF Cup – Honda Honda Civic SiR-II EG ’91 (P)
FR Challenge – Toyota FT-86 Concept ’09 (P)
Japanese Classics – Honda Z ACT ’78 (S)
Light Weight Cup – Suzuki Wagon R RR ’98 (S)
Sunday Cup – Toyota Vitz U Euro Sport Edition ’00 (S)
Vitz Race – Toyota Prius G Touring Selection J ’03 (S)
World Classic Car Series – Subaru 360 ’58 (S)
World Compact – Hommell Berlinette R/S Coupe ’99 (S)

A-Spec Amateur
All France Championship – Citroën 2 CV Type A ’54 (S)
All Gold Amateur – Gift Car Ticket Level 9 (S/P)
Classic Muscle Car Championship – Buick Special 62 (S)
Clubman Cup – Honda Mugen Motul Civic Si Race ’87 (S)
European Hot Hatch Championship – Volkswagen Lupo GTI Cup Car (J) ’03 (S)
Festival Italia – Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA 1600 ’65 (S)
Japanese 90’s Challenge – Nissan Sileighty ’98 (S)
NR-A Roadster Cup – Mazda Kusabi Concept ’03 (S)
Sport Truck Race – Daihatsu Midget II D type ’98 (S)
Supercar Nostalgia Cup – Dome-Zero Concept ’78 (S)

A-Spec Professional
All Gold Professional – Gift Car Ticket Level 12 (S/P)
British Lightweight – Triumph Spitfire 1500 ’74 (S)
GT World Championship – Bugatti Veyron 16.4 ’09 (S)
la Festa Cavillino – Ferrari California ’08 (P)
Lamborghini Exclusive – Lamborghini Countach LP400 ’74 (S)
Lupo GTi Cup – Volkswagen Lupo 1.4 ’02 (S)
Mini Challenge – Mini Cooper 1.3i ’98 (S)
Muscle Car Championship – Dodge Challenger SRT8 ’08 (P)
Pickup Truck Challenge – Daihatsu Midget (S)
Sports Car Cup 80’s Festival – Toyota Celica XX 2800GT ’81 (S)
Supercar Festival – Maserati Gran Turismo S ’08 (P)

A-Spec Expert
All Gold Expert – Gift Car Ticket Level 17 (S/P)
Gran Turismo All Stars – Amuse Carbon R R34 ’04 (P)
Historic Racing Car Cup – Lancia Stratos Rally Car ’77 (S)
Japanese Championship – Gran Turismo 350Z RS (P)
MR Sports Cup – Cizeta V16T ’94 (S)
Polyphony Digital Cup – Nissan 350Z Gran Turismo 4 Ltd (Z33) ’05 (S)
Schwarzwald League A – Opel Speedster Turbo ’00 (S)
Trofeo Gallardo – Lancia Delta S4 Rally Car ’85 (S)
Tuning Car Grand Prix – HPA Motorsport Stage II R32 (S)
Turbo Race – Mitsubishi Lancer EX 1800GSR IC Turbo ’83 (S)

A-Spec Extreme
American Championship – Jay Leno Tank Car (S)
Dream Car Championship – Ford GT LM Race Car Spec II (P)
DTM Series – BMW 2002 Turbo 73′ (S)
GT Series – Calsonic Skyline GT-R Race Car 93′ (S)
Like The Wind – Minolta 88C-V (S)
NASCAR Series – Pontiac Tempest Le Mans GTO (S)
Schwarzwald League B – Audi Pikes Peak Quattro Concept (S)

A-Spec Endurance
Level 25 – Honda HSC Concept ’03 (S)

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  1. Jose Valle says

    Should add a 1989 honda civic 3door to the game its a different style then the 1991 Honda civic sir-II

  2. says

    Can someone send over saleen s7 please I just
    Need a fast car like my bugatti i wiil trade you my
    Corvette c6 rm race car just please

  3. Wayne says

    If anyone would like to donate a Acura or Honda NSX I would appreciate it. I am a begenner. Seriously any super car like Lamborghini or ferarri or Bugatti. I would deeply appreciate it. Respond if u would and I will give you my username. Thank you.

  4. Marc says

    Someone trade an f1 gran tourism with me. I really want one badly… I’ll trade you my R35 Spec V which is kitted up to the max, or my buggatti Veyron which I also modified. Or my new Xanavi Nismo GTR which has been tweaked upto 711 bhp or my Audi R8 5.2 FSI Quatrro 09 which is tweaked up to 897bhp or Jeff Gordons NASCAR 2010. Someone please I really need an F1 car… My psn is DeathPlayer007

  5. ehren says

    hi guys i just want to know what you win when you complete b spec and also when you complete a spec, im bout 92% through the game and my bspec is level 35 and my a spec is lvl 30, i have one more race on b spec the 24 hour nurburgring, and the endurance races for a spec. I just want to know what you get

    • xela238 says

      Do you want the normal lupo or the lupo cup car? I have both and would be willing to trade. My psn is xela238, what is yours

  6. matthew says

    i realy need a granturismo F1 car how do i get this or can somone please send me one? if you can give me one reply with your psn name would be so greatfull and willing to give you a few of my best cars ! whatever they are at the time…

  7. danny says

    Can anywone trade in a ruf-porsche for any car he likes that i can give him ? even a car like the formula gran turismo or the Mazda 787B

  8. CODGT5 says

    Is anyone willing to give me a free Lamborghini/Ferrari(not 512BB, already have that)or Red Bull or Bugatti Veyron? I’m willing to accept any free supercar if anyone is nice enough. My PSN is Ilikesoccer123. Add me then give me the supercar you’re willing to give! Audi R8 will also do. Thanks a bunch! Give someone a Christmas gift….please? :)

  9. GT5 Exp3rt says

    Anyone wanna trade the X1 for a Tricked out Fiat? I just got it washed and oil changed.. but im broke now! Its more than a fair trade…!!!

  10. Mark says

    This may sound silly, but looking to trade for Honda Odyssey. I’m at level 31, and have some decent cars. Will give up bugatti for it

  11. Lewis says

    Looking for any of the Ferrari F1 cars, will trade for my f1 Grand turismo or any other car you might have in mind. PSN message me if you’re interested.

    PSN: luigi291193

    • Tyler says

      I’ll bet you would trade your 4,000,000 credit F1 car for a 10,000,000 F10 or 12,500,000 F2007… Does this even sound like a reasonable trade?

  12. Hussam says


    Can any one lend me or trade a formula car?

    It’s the last race I wan a do cuz I m sure as he’ll not gonna do 5 hours induranc races;)

  13. nick says

    i need a race car, and not a shitty ’68 300hp one from ib licenses. how can i unlock a good one? i dont want to buy one, too expensive

    • Ace says

      To nick

      If you want a good car in GT5 finish the Clubman Cup (A spec) and you will get a Honda Mugen Motul Civic Si Race ’87. This car will be usufull for the Jappaneese 80′s Festival. Also keep the prize cars you get because you will need it in teh future. For example if win the European Hot Hatch Championship(A spec)you will get the Volkswagen Lupo GTI Cup Car. This car will be usefull for the Lupo GTi Cup.

      Hope this helps, from Ace

  14. Luke says

    also my f1 car goes 250+ mph so it would be a good trade for the x1 if you are interested then please add my psn: Smithfy1000

    • nigel rondell says

      i have the brand new xp1 2011 racer that does 500kph. brand new unlockable.

      will swap for f1

      name tag kozzy22

  15. jugs says

    Anyone Interested In A ‘Jay Leno Tank Car’ Sensible Trade Offers Will Be Considered. Psn Add: THE-SILENT-SAINT

    • Aidhan says

      go into seasonal events on the left side of the screen and do some races in there you get 500,000+ for some races and you get 50,000+ xp

  16. Luke says

    hi guys i have the f1 gran turismo, mercedeces sauber race car and alot more willing to trade a rare car for the x1

  17. Alex says

    Linx… you can buy it in the used car dealership
    And Milko… Go to the little steering wheel thing right before you enter the course for a race…. Click on the tires on the bottom. Change the check mark to your desired tire (ie. Racing softs or Racing Hards)

  18. Milko says

    How do i change from sports tires to race tires in a-spec? It tells me they are already on my car yet when i check in tuning it says i have sports tires on.

  19. ben says

    please will anyone trade me a hybride c60 race car the one which is green and blue. can trade chevy zr1 race moded 825mph(its got best tyres turbo system etc), a nascar car, a lexus weds sports touring, a veyron, a ginetta, and a audi quatro. total of all cars around 5million plz trade send message if you want to
    psn Blackwing2000

  20. Hans says

    Hey arthur,
    I have a black gallardo with 700-750 bhp PSN: Pancakeparty but first I want to know for what car you’ll trade it

    • lol says

      lol you are crazy????:D level 35 at B-spec ??? you can get x1 ,if you will succes get at least 3xbronze in sebastian vetel special event much easier … and faster… now im flying trough endurance with that… sry for my english


    dont trade cars but i would land you one without a problem!!! so if u r new and wanna rush it out, saving some time and credits, just send me a request and pls mention that u r from the gt v forum!!!

  22. Rashid says

    Btw my pen is moon-walker if you want to trade a rare car for an x1, f10, f2007 or a formula gran turismo.


    hey, avery one!!!! thank you for the tips, you just saved me from making big mistakes in the future, cuz i of course would have bought the f1 when the chance was there … i also enter here looking for anychance to unlock the formula gran turismo, but as i read u can only buy it, so just bought it, its nice to now that it will also help for some other races in the future … 4 questions, how many tournaments do u unlock from lvl 30 on??? have any of you played the 24 hours nurburgring race???? is it possible to ru that and survive to tell the story?? and the last one, are we supposed to run the 24 hours le mans and nürburgring races in b spect mode????? i think no one wants to get that bored for such a long time..!

  24. Rashid says

    Hey guys I have some cars that I am willing to trade for an X1, Ferrari F10 or F2007 or a Formula Gran Turismo. I have the chrome line cobra, 300 SL, lp640,R8 and M3. I also have the stealth model GT-R GT500, SLS AMG, McLaren F1, 787B, NSX GT500 and R10 TDI. Reply to this comment if your interested.

  25. Marn says

    Does anyone know if you can win the Jaguar XJR-9 LM Race Car ’88 anywhere?

    I see it for sale in the used car dealership but I refuse to buy anymore cars as it seems I buy a car and then a race or 2 later I win the same one LOL

    psn: Marnbaby

    Happy racing all and cheers

  26. Pizza52 says

    I’m looking for a sauber Mercedes C9 race car or a bentley speed 8 race car. Add me on playstation if ur interested in trading. PSN: SoupyBanana

  27. Alex says

    Oops…. Wrong Ford. You win the Ford GT Race Car ’69 from the A-Spec Indy 500. You cannot win the Mk IV ’67 anywhere, so you probably have to buy it. Is there any specific race your trying to win? Or are you just collecting?
    My PSN is alexk34

  28. Alex says

    Nick, you get the Ford Mk IV 67 from winning the A-Spec Indy 500 race.
    Also, just a side note, but the B-Spec Indy race gives you the $20,000,000 Jaguar Race Car.
    Hope this helps!

  29. Pizza52 says

    I have the 20 million$ ford. I will trade it for the redbull x2010 or another good racecar. My psn is SoupyBanana. If you’re interested add me on playstation.

  30. Noah says

    I have a ford mark iv race car (20 million). I’ll trade for a redbull x2010 or any other good race car.
    Psn- SoupyBanana

  31. LittleRipper says

    LOOKING FOR Ferrari P4 330 ( the 20mil version) or the ford mark IV also 20mil trading 4 anything got 2 x1’s the prototype(carbon) and pink version and about 100diffrent cars btw i only have rare cars

    PSN: Little_Ripper

  32. Marnbaby says

    WARNING DO NOT ADD: “Phili7797″ as a friend, he is a scammer looking to trade cars, of course top of line ones, as always be wary of anyone. Fortunately I did not have the cars he was looking for, and I figured out afterwards when he did not answer a question i had for him and next time i logged into PSN noticed he had deleted me.

    Please post here if you know of other scammers.

  33. hal says

    Hey i have an X1 that i will trade for it if you want. I have been needing a ferrari F2007 Race car. Message me if your up for the trade my username is unit22

  34. drew says

    i have an enzo with 950bhp, Bugatti with 1350bhp,3 vipers with 850-1010bhp, and 2 Zondas 925 and 965 bhp , 3 camaros 3 different year gtr’s, a lambo, Shelby z06 zr1 corvettes, something like 30 cars all maxed out and oddly the duplicates of any 2 same cars arnt the same. also ive come to find out that after you drive and car for a while and break it in over time it might gain 10 to 80 bhp depending on total amount of bhp the car your driving has. for ex. i was driving my Bugatti somewhere between 300-800 miles and remembered when i first saw max hp in garage before driving and getting oil changed it had like 1015bhp. Drove distance mentioned, changed oil and have 1265bhp!!? anyway, thats my 2 cents.

  35. scott says

    @matt, what are you on about? the only time you have to look at the back of another car is if you cant pass them. i have a steering wheel and can change views from bumper/roof/back and inside with premium cars. used cars makes no difference. maybe its just your wheel or you havent found the change view button on it.
    I knew you couldnt use the Ferrari F1s in a or b spec (thanks to others comments, but would be nice if there was an in game warning BEFORE you buy it, not after and when you try and use it) but what irks me about them is that you cant even use them against each other in 2 player mode (or can you?) why not? its still a one-make race if you both choose the F-F1!!!

  36. robert says

    Hey guys I got a ferrari F2007 (12,500,000 cr.) Lookint to trade it for something. If anyone has an x10 or anything they are looking to trade my psn I’d is robtheslob4170 I have many more cars 200 of them most are cheese but there are some sick rides in there too

  37. Pboyle5h says

    hey i have a veyron and a ford gt lm race car spec III i also have tuned up Ferrari’s and lambo willing to trade

  38. matt says

    i was going to buy the gt f1 but the thing about used cars is that you cant have to drivers view with them. that makes me so mad because i have a steering wheel and it is annoying to have to watch the back of a car for an hour ong endurance race. i want the ciroen race car. Im willing to trade a bunch of my cars for that . i have the epson nsx. the cusco dunlob subaru wrx. i’ll trade my corvette zr1 (fully modded with racing modifications) and my is f racing concept. i also have a whole bunch of other cars i’ll trade. my tag is BlueFoxx11 no scams. thanks guys!

  39. kudude25 says

    hey guys, I have a Chapparal 2d, The 15,000,000 Lambo, and the ’67 Ford Mach 4. I would be willing to trade the Chapparal 2d, or the Lambo for a nicely tuned Veyron. my psn – kudude25 …. add me as a friend if you would be interested in a trade. and please, no scammers.

  40. Marney says

    Thanks for the information on the cars and such. It sure helps to know what you win so that I can get more awesome cars to win following races. Learning how to tune the transmission has been fun, need to make a chart for each course…does anyone know if there is a site that might have that information online?

    I am looking for more girl racers so if you want to add me please do. I have over 100 cars, some doubles so can help if you need a car to win a race as well. Or trade?

    PSN: Marnbaby

  41. john ahrens says

    hey every onejust wouldering if any one can help me? Im hopeing to find orge a cheat codefor lots of credits wanna buy the new x1 , need like another 15 million ? heres my id for ps3 online jm884e thanks

  42. ArrowKarts69 says

    I have 908 peugot Team Oreca’10 race car,Audi R10 TDI ’06 race car, Audi R8 (team Oreca playstation) race car, Mazda 787b ’91, Jaguar XJ13 ’66 race car, Jaguar XJR-9 ’88 race car, R92C Nissian race car ’92, R89CP Nissian Race car ’89, Ferrari P4 ’67 race car, Lamborghini Diablo GT-1 race car, Epson NSX race car’08, Nissian GTR YellowHAT YMS race car’08, Nissian GTR WOODONE race car ’08, Nissian Calsonic ’93 race car, Bentley speed 8 ’03 race car, Sauber Mercedes C9 ’89 race car, Ameyema Aspira drink RX-7 race car, Opera S2000 race car, Nissian Silvia RM, Corvette Z06 (C6) ’63 race car, both corvette ’09 & ’06 RM, Toyota GT-ONE ’99 race car, YellowHAT YMS Toyota Supra, WOODONE TOM’s Toyota Supra, Formula GT, Lexus ISF Weds Sport race car.. I have alot more!!! But im lookin 4 all Pescarolo C60 Hybride race cars and an Audi LM race car team playstation ’09. Oh & a BMW McLaren F1 ‘ 97… Add OpX_KiiLLeR to trade..Thnx

  43. Dodgydicker says

    How do you get the racing trucks ? Looked everywhere and can seem to buy one ? Please help !!!!! Mega thanks !

  44. dt2286 says

    i have lambo muira, chapparel 2d and 2j,ferrari enze,ferrari f420,mazda muira,peugeot race cars,ford gt ll race car, ford gt, shelby,jaguar xj13,jaguar xj220

  45. Tony says

    Looking for any race car to trade with someone so i can do the gone with the wind cup, got a maxed Enzo, Veyron or Le mans quattro, i’d even be happy to borrow one for an hour to get the cup out the way, psn id is diztruxion .I need a gt car for that cup too. Genuine lad, aint into scamming especially not using my main pro, beware of people with trophyless profiles offering trades

  46. Zamado says

    I got bored (or rather, annoyed) with a Camaro SS `10 and gave it 700bhp (200 mph+) and now when you try and turn it slows down majorly.(?) Any ideas as to how to solve this problem?

  47. eirik840 says

    I have the Toyota 7 Race car, Audi R10 Race Car, GT by Citroen Race Car and the GT by Citroen Concept.

    I need an F1 car. Anyone want to trade?

    Eirik840 is my psn id.

    Have other cars as well: Lexus IS F racing, Corvette ZR1

    mail me at

  48. Poke71 says

    When you are trying to get your license’s and you have 3 gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze how does the game decide what you get as a prize at the end of the challenge?

  49. sumomonkeyman says

    got some cars willing to trade. 92 peugeot race car(kills ai gone with the wind cup) , the 20,000,000 ferrari, toyota race car from gone with the wind cup). and 1970 toyota racer…. im only looking for gran turismo formula race car. i already have x1. im trading straight across except for the ferrari.

  50. xiMurderU- says

    i have the red yellow white black blue and orange x1 for trade also around 75-80 cars to trade with but please NO scamers my ps3 name is xiMurderU-

  51. Jamie T says

    Heres a list of all the cars you can do the race mod to
    Acura NSX ‘91
    Chevrolet Camaro SS ‘10
    Chevrolet Camaro Z28 ‘69
    Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (C6) ‘06
    Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 (C6) ‘09
    Dodge Challenger R/T ‘70
    Honda CIVIC TYPE R (EK) ‘97
    Honda INTEGRA TYPE R (DC5) ‘04
    Lexus IS F ‘07
    Lotus Elise ‘96
    Lotus Elise 111R ‘04
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX GSR ‘05
    Nissan SILVIA spec-R AERO (S15) ‘02
    Subaru IMPREZA Sedan WRX STI spec C Type RA ‘05
    Suzuki Cappuccino (EA21R) ‘95
    TVR Tuscan Speed 6 ‘00
    Volkswagen Golf IV GTI ‘01

  52. jason says

    I have a CHAPARRAL 67′ 2D RACE CAR fully upgraded to the max willing to trade for a newer race car looking for a jaguar xjr-9 lm race car 88, or something along those lines.

  53. dave says

    ive got a honda integra dc5 race modded and i no that the golf mark IV can b 2 but theres only about 10 cars that u can do it with

  54. DANG RACIN says


  55. laxer1711 says

    i got the toyota from tommy castrol …
    i’ve won hin but by dealer it avaible at lvl 19 and im lvl 18
    i can drive whit it but i dont know what kind of race i’ve got him from can anyone tell me ?

  56. Mikko says

    I’m level 19 atm, and it kind of annoys me that it seems like there’s not that much races left, i’m about to unlock a-spec extreme series which has like six different championships or whatever they are. Then at level 25 I unlock the endurance, and I’m really looking forward to that but why is there just one race? And is the a-spec over after that? That takes like a week to complete, and I’m not very eager to just sit on my sofa and watch my b-spec driver do all the work:( Well all I hope is that there would be enough races to keep an addicted player like me happy.

  57. EKkidd says

    ooo and also the race you have to do when you hit level 30 for the X2010 i heard is pretty hard but the car also unlocks in the dealership for 20,000,000 so i was told by a online friend to hit level 30 i still have yet to confirm im on level 28 about to hit level 29

  58. EKkidd says

    well the formula gran turismo is now in the online dealership pretty much you will need 5,000,000 the race series is 20 laps each i had a hard time in the cote de azure so i quick the series lol.the gt academy 370z was a preorder car.

  59. mike says

    i heard you cant drive a-spec races with the ferraries from the normal dealer. only with the one in the used car dealership.

  60. um says

    The Gran Turismo formula 1 car is in the used car dealership.
    You need to be A or B spec level 24 and it costs around 5 million. You need it for one of the expert events anyway.
    The Sebastian Vettel challenge is at level 30

  61. Jonny says

    The Formula Gran Turismo appears every so often in the used car dealership. It cycles 6 cars every race event, so after each 5 races you will have a completely new set of cars. The Formula Gran Turismo sells for 4 to 5 million credits, depending on what mileage you get yours with.

    Nick, the Sebastian Vettel challenge arrives at level 30 A-Spec.

    For winning the Dream Car Cup in B-Spec Expert wins a GT by Citroen Race Car (Premium)

    For winning the Level 25 B-Spec Endurance race (Grand Valley 300km) you win a Honda DUALNOTE Concept ’01 (Standard)

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