Gran Turismo 5: Unlock Formula GT

In Gran Turismo 5 for the PS3, there are a couple different ways to find the rare Formula GT race car.

First, it will show up in the used car lot randomly, so check it often. The used car lot changes about 20% of its vehicles after every race, and after every license test. One trick to speed this process up is to load a license test, and then load the next test without doing the test. This will make one day go by, and some of the cars in the used car lot should be different. Every five days all of the cars in the used car lot should be different.

The other way to get the Formula GT is the online car lot. It should be available all the time in the online car lot for 4.8 million dollars, so you had better start saving if you want to buy it.

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  1. Ryco snr says

    What’s the point of a b spec driver If I can’t put him into race a 24 hour race fackin poxy as. And done the cheat for the gt car at least 300 times with no result its crap not happy with the makers of gt5

  2. Roger Gee says

    Pain in the bloody bum!! I have completed all the levels with gold! and am now bored doing the same races!! cant find the elusive formula gt car anywhere!! Back to tomb raider I guess!! ha ha!

  3. Steven Fox says

    I honestly hate this game…gt4 was way better. At least you could sell the cars you won. What’s up with the weather forecast in this game? Half the time it doesn’t show up, and when it does, it’s usually wrong…wtf!!!

  4. Peter says

    is the blue gran turismo vettel X1 race car the same beast as the blue formula GT race car that everyone wants?

    • Mike says

      No it is not. the formula GT car is the formula car polyphony digital (makers of gt5) dreamt up, where money would be no object. the Red bull X2010 S. Vettel is polyphony digital’s version of a race car where again, money is no object and there are no regulations.

  5. Peter says

    I won the blue gran turismo vettel X1 race car (its soooo fast) but cant use it in the extreme level formula GT world championship.Dang.

  6. Pappy says

    I don’t know what level I’m at, but in A-Spec there is only 1 race noty completed: the formula race. I have been going to used cars every race I win for some time now (at least since I opened up the extreme level) after every race, every license test passed, etc, but no Formula.

    Once it gets into the used car lineup does it stay the full 5 days like any other car, or dissappear the next day?

    Haven’t tried on line yet, only have wireless access. can the PS3 be set up in wireless? If so I’m not tech savy enuff to figure it out.

    • Bobby says

      you can set up wireless with it, its in the network settings on the dashboard. pretty straight forward to set up, access point name and password then your good.

  7. Kingtrevor says

    I went to used right after winniing dream car series. Im level 32, i check used after every race i never saw the formula anything. Guess ill gett it online since its my last set of races for the extreme series. Or someone on here could add my username (kingtrevor), on thier ps3 and share the car :D

  8. marc roberts says

    i did refresh 50 times in a row all the 30 cars in the used cars section

    still looking for the formula gt

    Did i buy the only game in the world with this car missing

    any help appreciated

    • Tony says

      Marc Roberts, i did the same thing for a while, i went ahead and beat the dream car championship with the minolta …had over 5 million at that time, as soon as i beat the dream car championship, i went to the used car dealer ship and there it was ..a blue formula gran turismo

      • Distortedmotion says

        Dude, what level were you? I beat the championship with all golds and nothing popped up. I have seen the Chaparral 2J appear in there for about $20million but never the formula GT. Been looking for 2 weeks now :(

  9. snowman says

    man this credit thing is dumb guys, i was already disapointed in the long-awaited gt5 when i looked at the prices of so-called “needed cars” and wanted cars too. and you cant put wheels on a standard model car??? lol come on, right? and they dont even make it interesting to save your credits either, your almost forced to hop in a ford gt racecar and race the indy race in american championship (extreme series) hundreds of times…the only thing to look forward to is trying to keep beating your lap time lol but it just changes very little.
    p.s. is it just me or are the graphics a little better for the premium modles…(scratches head)…ON A MORE POSITIVE NOTE, I HOPE EVERYBODY ENJOYS THE GAME! -snowman

  10. todd rancourt says

    i`m at level 26 and been waitig for the fomula gt car to show up in the used car lot but the heighest level cars are 23 class c cars i go every 5 races still have not seen one what up with that i have the credits to buy the ferrari but i read you cant use in the formula gt race anybody can help! TMR

    • Dave says

      You have got complete the dream car championships in all gold then it comes up for sale in the second hand dealerships. Dont bother with the Ferrari F1s as you cant use them.there nice cars though.there suppose to be making a F1 championship as a download but no sign will have to save up though-buy a Ferrari Enzo and tune it up -not many cars can get near it.another goog one is the BMW MClaren V12 GTR race appears about three times in the used dealerships if you can get used to it-won me race after race

      • Mark says

        This is the second time ive played gt5 heaps not to ever see a formula gt car, I was at level 32 once before with all events finished in gold including 2 events in the endurance series. This time im up too level 38 again with all golds minus formula gt and a few endurance races, all special events except 1 sebastian lobe red bull challenge, keeps evading me by a couple seconds. I made the mistake just now of buying the ferrari f1 aswell can’t re-sell it can’t use it in anything but practice mode, yes my fault but not clear. The only high end cars I see in the used car dealership is the le-monz cars and other factory works cars i would hate to imagine ive missed it thinking it was a le-monz car. I know internet is everywhere these days but im a dad of 5, we have pre-paid internet for the kids but only a few gb a month and cant waste it downloading patches and updates, i see and understand the warning on the front of the game, gaming experince may change online, but no where does it say, to acheive 100 percent completion may require online connection, or that the real cash is only in seasonal events. Like for example a german touring car anywhere from 900.000 to 1.500.000 to win back at best about 160.000 where I was reading another forum where a particular seasonal event on the nurburg ring was netting 750.000 wheres the logic in that. seems the days of getting a fair deal without having to go online are gone. I will now go back to racing the same now boring races once more including the few endurance races i have left and will again keep my eyes peeled open for the off chance a formula gt car comes up fingers crossed.

  11. nitin says



    • Mark says

      Not f$@&ing wrong, I just stuffed up. I just wasted 12500000 buying that grand prix car not to be able to use its aswell, yeah okay I didn’t realise I couldn’t use its either, I dont have access to go online, but ya can’t events re,sell it, pathetic, f@#k you makers of gt5 spend hundreds of thousands ford particular races that you win f@#$ all back. Why should we be held at ransom to get online events to win decent money for, im up to level 38 with no sign of any formula gt car in used lot and can’t finish extreme series nor can’t I use that ferrari for anything else. Hey go figure you can enter races with incredibly stupid horse power cars against standard cars but can’t sell cars you buy. Get ya s#@t together polyphony and release some past and present seasonal events on disc, so some of us who don’t have access to online features can’t finally earn some really cash, w&@kers.

      • Mark says

        Damn predictive text. Have also completed all dreamcar events, with gold no sign ever of the formula gt car, no more wasting my time with playstation.

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