Golden Sun – Dark Dawn: Unlock Crossbone Isle

In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn for the Nintendo DS, there is an extra location you can access called Crossbone Isle, which is the location of the hardest boss in the game.

To access Crossbone Isle, you first need to beat the game. After the credits roll, save your game. Load your saved game, and sail south from Tonfon. Search around for a peninsula at the very edge of the world that has a whirlpool nearby. Sail into the whirlpool, and sail east once you’re through. Look for an island with a cave, and this should be the entrance to Crossbone Isle.

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  1. Isaac says

    Ha! I fought Dullahan thirty years ago,in Anemos Sanctum! All you have to do is standby all your djinn except for Matthew’s, and set his class to Chaos Lord. Give him Chasm.
    Use chasm then use your strongest summons. Use your other characters to heal Matthew. Use the Sol blade with him, then heal him with your other characters. Use Eclipse and Crystallux a lot. Charon too, if you got him. Set chasm and repeat. If Matthew dies, use Himi to heal him. Damn, Karis is hot. What? I’m married? Yes. I am. And for the record, Karis is 18. I’m not a pedophile. Geez…

  2. JOOMAN says

    Put all djinn on standby for EVERY player, summon first round then use any psynergy that deals massive damage and pray

  3. Matthew says

    is there a certain lvl you should be before you attempt this cause i got bored one day and sailed around and got myself 20 extra lvls and i believe im high enough for him where i dont have to have a summon every turn

  4. 12th Supernova says

    Yeah, he’s the hardest boss in the game, so get ready to lose the first few tries. Put all the Djinn you don’t need for healing on standby, cos the only way to beat this guy is with summons. Stock up on mist potions and water of life for when you lose a healer.

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