Final Fantasy XIII-2: How to Unlock Odin as a Party Member

In Final Fantasy XIII-2 for the PS3 and Xbox 360, you can add the famous Odin eidolon to your party near the end of the game.

In order to add Odin as a party member, you’ll need to defeat him twice in two different time lines.

The first encounter with Odin is in Vile Peaks AF010. You access this time line from Archylte Steppe. Do all side quests in Archylte Steppe to open up the warp gate to Vile Peaks AF010. This primarily includes finding all of the hidden cactuar statues in Archylte Steppe. Once you access Vile Peaks AF010, do all of the side quests there and they should lead you to the battle with Odin.

The second battle with Odin is in the Vile Peaks AF200 time line. You gain access to this time line from Academia AF4XX. The warp gate should be near one of Chocalina’s stalls. Do everything possible in Vile Peaks AF200 to lead up to the second encounter with Odin, and once you defeat him here he will join your party for good.

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  1. mischa wolf says

    I’m not yet as far as to solvinbg this one either but I do know about the cactuars… On the steppe I believe you have to switch the weathers and in any case use mog to make them appear. One is in the middle in between a clutch of cacti and two are to the left. One of those you will be able to find just in the open there and the other is in the north of thay area behind a rock. There is a good youtube video on those locations easy to find. Activate each cactuar statue and defeat a giant but (at least for me) weak cactuar and the gate should open up.

  2. Horizon says

    So,quick question. Ive unlocked vile peaks 10AF, but i unlocked it by going through the gate in academia. Ive done all of the cactuar stuff and ect but yet i can not for the life of me unlock vile peaks 200AF so i can finish the side quest of the missing soldiers you start in 10AF. Help mate?

    • says

      Check out some of the videos on youtube, though they’re somewhat cryptic and hard to follow. I compiled this article from those and a few other sources, so I believe i’m missing something. Please post if you find any more info.

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