Fable 3: Secret Sanctuary Gold Key & Chest

In Fable 3 for the Xbox 360, there is a secret gold key and chest hidden in the sanctuary.

Once you are the King or Queen of Albion, go to the Sanctuary and enter the Tresure Room. Look up and you’ll see a gold key that you can’t reach. In order to reach the key you’ll need to put about 5 million gold pieces into your treasury to climb on.

Once you have the key, the chest it opens is ironically now beneath your 5 million in coins. Transfer all of the gold to the Albion Treasury, which can be done in 1 million coin increments. Opening the chest will give you a random legendary weapon.

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  1. Rararudy says

    Hi. I just got the gold key, however, when I went to the catacomb gold door it says I don’t have any gold keys. Did I do something wrong? Can I fix this or is it a glitch? I checked back in the sanctuary and the gold key is gone so I must have got it and I got the tattoos and legendary weapon from the chest inside the sanctuary as well. I’m confused!

  2. Mike says

    I got 5mil and grabbed the key then I got rid of all my money
    By putting it all in the kingdom treasury but there is still a small gold pile
    In my treasury that is blocking the chest.

  3. Mike says

    I have the same problem as Tryix, I have the money, I am King. but i cant grab the key. It just keeps floating there. I run right through it. This is pissing me off, i just want the stupid weapon. Also, the seal in driftwood does nothing… i read a guide online and it says hit the seal and climb to the top of a mountain for a gold key……. as far as i know this mountain doesnt even exist, theres no trail to it. this game is glitch city. This is Horse Shit. Can anybody help.

  4. KurisuchiTamaka says

    I have 70 mil in my Sactuary Trophy Room but my friend stole the key at the top and when I spent all of my money, I couldn’t open the chest… should I just steal the key off my other account? ^^

  5. Kimberly says

    Hey thank you guys! I was having the same problem as Craig, and when I transferred 5 million of it to my personal treasury it worked! Finally! (I was getting worried, lol!) thank you again!

  6. Josh GT:LEGIONxBLAZE says

    Hey im in the sanctuary gold storage place but my game has glitched. Whenever I transfer money from the sanctuary/treasury, the amount of money always stays the same and also the key has not shown up in the sanctuary. Help please?!?

    • Reeky says

      I dont know if anyone aswered ou or not im not goin to read the whole dam forum but you need to leave the sanctuary and reenter it for the gold to disapear

  7. MattyBoy301 says

    The treasury and the trophy room are not two different place as Jasper (your butler guy) clearly states every now and then when you enter the room and you can see for yourself as any trophies you get throughout the game are stored in the treasury room

  8. bradz says

    You cannot transfer money to the treasury unless you have a treasury to transfer it to. Meaning; you have to faf about with 2 players doing 100k swaps (unless you’ve reached king/queen level)

  9. TzumB says

    For the record: the key on top of the gold pile is NOT a gold key. It’s just A key to the treasure chest beneath the gold pile.
    (When you clumb on the gold, get the key, leave the sanctuary and find a gold door you will have the same ammount of gold keys a you did before)

    • says

      @lewer You just sign in with a different profile on a second controller and hit Start if you’re talking about local. If you want to play coop on xbox live, then you go into the social room in your sanctuary and you’ll see the option in there on the wall.

  10. J says

    I think there’s some confusion over where to put the money. First of all, the treasury and your trophy room in the Sanctuary are 2 different places, and you need your personal balance to be just over 5 million – NOT your treasury balance!
    After you have the key, you need to transfer your personal balance to the treasury in order to reach the chest.
    Hope this helps.

  11. tryix says

    craig mines doing the same thing.i even put 20 mil in and still keeps going up and down.i took all but 5 mil in and now i can almost reach it but still cant grab it.doesnt make since.if i figure sumthin out ill tell u and if u find somethin plz tell me its makin me grrfaced.

  12. Craig says

    I’ve put about 16 min into the sanctuary treasury and I still can’t reach it :/ each time I walk into the room the size of the pile changes, any help?

    • says

      @Craig Mine got me up there right at 5 million, so I’m not sure why you wouldn’t be able to get it at 16 million. If the size of your gold pile is fluctuating with that much gold, it could be a bug. Mine hasn’t changed sizes since I hit 5 mil.

  13. FableelbaF says

    Fix: You don’t actually HAVE to become king or queen in order to reach the key. Just accumulate 5 million gold. You can get it anytime, and using that special little player glitch thingy, you can do so in a matter of… A few minutes? :D Horray for Endless-Fable Glitches!

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