Fable 3: How to Open Mourningwood Demon Door

In Fable 3 for the Xbox 360, you will find the Mourningwood Demon Door near the small village in Mourningwood.

To open this demon door, you’ll need to have maxed out either your ranged or melee skill to level five.

Once you have upgraded one of those skills to level five, bring out a corresponding legendary weapon for that skill in front of the door to open it. Inside you’ll find a Military Costume and a Summon Creatures Potion.

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  1. A Rose Thorn says

    I just tried it with scythe’s war hammer fully maxed out(117dmg)and the demon door did not open, then went to the Road to Rule bought the lvl 5 strength chest, went back and it opened. So it doesn’t matter what weapon you have just as long as your stat is lvl 5.

  2. LHAV says

    You only need a powerful weapon thats it far as I know you don’t need maxed out skills from the Road to Rule just enough weapon damage

  3. Actually... says

    I was using the sword “The Casanova” with maxed out Ranged and Melle stats. The only stats i had maxed out on it were “Charmer” and “beloved”

  4. drake says

    actually i opened it with only my melee skill fully upgraded and avo’s tear legendary weapon which i got from the aurora demon door. with no up grades to it…. i think your weapons damage just needs to be high enough because that sword had 99 damage basic with no upgrades but full melee skill.

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