Fable 3: How to Open Mistpeak Valley Demon Door

In Fable 3 for the Xbox 360, the Mistpeak Valley Demon Door can be found in the snowy mountain area near the lake.

To open this demon door, it wants acts of love and kindness. The easiest way to do this is to either bring a coop partner, or use a second controller profile, and propose and marry the person in front of the demon door. You’ll need the Family and Lover Expression Pack from the Road to Rule to do that though.

Alternatively, you can go through all of the positive expressions to your partner in front of the door to make it open. Obviously this method is the much easier option.

Inside you will find a legendary weapon.

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  1. tatts says

    I was just doing this, its important to note that the door mentions ‘orginary people are bad’, i think it requires another ‘hero’

  2. allyouneedislove777 says

    What’s with all the demon doors inside the demon door. Is there a way to open those? Or are they just there to annoy the hell outta me? lolz

  3. MIsterblasta says

    Everything went pretty good to me. I just pulled out the second hero with joypad 2 and started to do positive expressions to him in front of the door. Made 4 poses so far and the it opened.

  4. Carson says

    I verify that if have all the expression packs ( at least the ones required)and u just sit there in front of the door and keep doing the positive options EVENTUALLY you will have done all of them. i got stuck on tickle… it would never give me tickle. good luck!

    • says

      @rich There are two ways to do a coop game. You can either press the Start button on a second controller for a local coop game, or go into your Sanctuary and go into the xbox live room to search for or join an xbox live game. You don’t have to be another gender than the other person in coop.

  5. unknown says

    Yes to both. We stood right in front of the door practically touching it. Also, i was the only one doing the expression.
    (because it was my game)

    • says

      @unknown The only thing I can suggest then is to try it on local coop. I did it on local coop just using a second controller, so I assumed it would work online as well. If that doesn’t work, your game could be bugged.. maybe try to start a new game? Other than that, I’m out of ideas.

  6. unknown says

    So how come the demon door does not respond to any of the expressions me and my friend do, does nothing when we propose in front of it, and after over an hour of trying every expression just keeps on asking if we are ready?
    (respond asap please…)

    • says

      @unknown I have personally verified that this one works. Did you make sure you were within close proximity of the door when you did the expressions? When I did it, I didn’t have to propose.. I was simply close to the door with my coop partner and did the nice expressions.. hug, tickle, dance, chat, etc. Also, make sure that if it’s your game that you do the expressions since i’m fairly sure your coop partner doing them to you on your game will have no effect.

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