Fable 3: How to Open Millfields Demon Door

In Fable 3 for the Xbox 360, you can open the Millfields Demon Door by being extremly unattractive.

To pull this off, you’ll need to be fat and dress awful as well. To check your weight, look at your Hero Status in the Sanctuary. You’ll want this meter to go all the way to the right. Do this by eating lots and lots of food and booze until the meter is maxed out.

In order to be awfully dressed, the easiest method is to wear your pajamas and color them mismatching colors in the Sanctuary. Try to wear ugly facial hair, and tattoos as well.

Once you’re fat and ugly, the door will let you in where you’ll find 40 guild seals.

If you’re having troubles getting it to open, try sleeping in a house nearby after you’ve made your changes. Some people have reported that this may help the door recognize all of the changes you’ve made.

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  1. darkest says

    I got the freakin door open, fat n pjs. But when I walk up to the chest it doesn’t let me open it. Doesn’t even offer for me to open it. What do

  2. Heather says

    Hey guys… I just found out that you don’t actually need to bother with any of this stuff about dying clothes, putting on tattoos, having scars etc. Also note that you do not need to be max ugliness on the Hero status part of the Sanctuary, I was in the middle. Just go up to the door Max fatness with your normal clothes on. He’ll say the girth (fatness) is alright, but you could really do with wearing something that shows you’ve ‘really let yourself go and just don’t care’. Then walk down the hill a wee bit, change into full pajamas (they don’t need to be dyed) and walk back up to the door. He’ll let you in then, just worked for me :)

  3. :) says

    i still can’t open the door, i have tryed everything. i have tryed having no hair, having facial hair, having tattoos, wearing mens pj’s normal colour, wearing mens pj’s dyed all different colours, wearing womens pj’s normal colour, wearing womens pjs dyed different colours, beng extremely fat, drinking lots but none of its worked

  4. Ian says

    But if you sleep in a nearby house, does it decrease your morality, count it as a crime, or can you just buy a house by the Demon Door and sleep in it?

  5. fyre says

    i was able to gett the door open no facial beards or moustaches required however i might have gone without any hair on accident in previous attempts before i finally looked up how to gain entry

  6. Shalora says

    One issue that I had was that it wouldn’t open no matter what – until I had the FULL pajama set. Including the slippers. Those weren’t with the rest of it, they’re in a chest that’s at the end of the road directly behind you when you face the demon door. I didn’t even have to dye the outfit once I had the shoes. I bet that’s what’s tripping people up.

  7. Frank says

    This is the glitch supreme game, stuff just doesn’t work because Fable doesn’t feel like doing it sometimes. I stand next to my partner, interact pops up, & I jam on A & nothing happens, dogs point to nonexistent treasures at times. Fable 4 better get it’s shit together or just not come out at all.

  8. Dan says

    I got it open, one thing the demon door says is “when you wake up, put no thought into what you will wear, just walk out the door. then maybe in this one.”

    Wear just pajamas, be really fat, sleep, then head straight to the demon door.

    more specifics, just in case, I have no scars and never died. I am a female, bald, with a beard. Mens pajamas and chicken gloves, everything died a different color. I slept until morning. My attractiveness is only just going into red, in the pinky orange, so ‘ugly’ mustn’t be a true necessity.

  9. jay says

    Okay all you guys need is to get really fat and put on makeup (if your a guy) and a girl wig and a beard put on womens pjs and dye each pieace a diff color including ur hair and facial hair if done properly door should open

  10. rich says

    okay, i got through the door… and do you lose the fat? my wife hates me :( well, i tried to kill her she already hates me :)

  11. kelsey says

    I was having the same problem. I was fat enough( he said my weight was ok) and i was wearing pajamas, all dyed different colors, was wearing a bear( as a woman) and the merc. tattoos but it wouldnt open. I took the advice of someone above and slept in local house until the morning and the door opened (wearing the same thing) Hpe it helps!

  12. I don Vito i says

    The easiest way to do this is to eat a lot of mutton until ur fat. Then you can put on ur sex pajamas and make sure that each piece is a different color including the trim. Works perfect. The door should say that you Are huge if ur fat enough. There is nothing else better than doing this. If it didn’t work you did not do it properly

  13. Emy says

    Ac Assassin SLC
    We just did what you said however my husband cannot get it (He is extremely good)
    I got it on my first try (Extremely evil file). He is all the way fat and wearing the PJ’s and nothing else but it still says he is stylish…wtf?! Is attractiveness also based off alignment of good/evil?

  14. AC Assassin SLC says

    the easiest way to do this quest is by

    Drinking lots of alcohol to become fat
    wearing full set of Pyjama’s any set (dye is not required)
    Mercenary Tatoo’s full set (no facial hair or hair required)
    Sleep in a nearby house until the morning.

    Demon Door will open.

  15. Bradus00 says

    Yes iv tryed the opposite sex pjs multicolour with all beards multicolour and that merc tatto and fully fat i got about 20-30% ugly and the door said my weight is good (because im fat) and ‘my clothes look like iv slept in them which is good but i need 2 do more’ but i hav full pjs on :/ i hav no idea iv try every above aswell

  16. Bradus00 says

    I hav tryed everything im at the right on weight (fat) iv tryed full chicken and pjs (men + women) all in diffrent colours and iv tryed half chicken half pjs in diffrent colours but im still not 100% unattractive can some1 help me please? btw im fully evil if that changes anything

    • says

      @Bradus00 Have you tried adding in tattoos and facial hair? I’d do merc tattoo, ugly facial hair, and opposite sex pajamas in multicolors. That seems to do the trick.

  17. Funf says

    I just got fat and wore the mercenary tattoo set and pajamas. No dying or facial hair needed (in fact both those seemed to make the door think I was too stylish). My “attractiveness” rating was only about -30% and it worked.

    Definitely the most confusing door in the game.

  18. OlliBoss says

    @bob i think what the door wants you to do is to get really fat (get the weight bar all to the right) then also that u come to the door in only pajamas, i tried with the chiken suit that’s even more ugly than the pajamas but it didn’t work. Now to your problem, make sure u ONLY have your pajamas on, it won’t work if u also have gloves on, make sure u do not have gloves on cuz gloves are not included in the pajamas outfit.

  19. DStormDC says

    I used men’s full set of pajamas (as a woman), a beard, no tattoos at all, chicken hands, and I dyed every piece of clothing a different color.

  20. bob says

    doesnt work cant get the ugly to go down far enough. ur going to need to be specific because its not ugly enough in pajamas, yes i maxed out the weight i just cant get get the clothes ugly enough is there certain colors that matter or what?

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