Fable 3: How to Open Brightwall Demon Door

In Fable 3 for the Xbox 360, the Brightwall Demon Door wants a child brought to it before it will open, however the only child in the game that you can lead there is one of your own.

You can either have your own child through the normal means, which would require the Family and Lover Expression Pack, buying a house, marrying someone and having a child that way. Alternatively you can adopt a child from the Bowerstone Orphanage after you complete the Bowerstone Resistance quest.

Whichever method you choose, simply lead your child to the door to open it. Inside you’ll find three Summon Creature Potions, and 25 Guild Seals.

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  1. fyre says

    it only worked when i played with my child, i tried sleeping and everything else and all that didnt work and i was able to keep my kid but then again i brought him back to the castle before going thru the door

  2. Trogdor the Burninator says

    Okay, so, my girl friend and I had a biological kid. I guess she has my “daughter” in her world, because otherwise, I have no hope of getting through the Door. Does anyone know why this might have happened? Thanks in advance.

  3. Molly says

    You need to take the hand of your child and go to the door. You may need to sleep if it doesn’t work the first time. To “refresh”

  4. Joe says

    Do youneed to wait until your child grows up to a certain age or do you need to live in brightwall?? there isnt an option to carry or hold hands with a baby in a rocker lol.

  5. Matt says

    The guild seals are in the chest with the potion upstairs.
    The skeletons are really creepy, especially after the Irish sounding song ends, then they laugh really spookily.

  6. BethBAMF says

    When I did it, I brought him my BIOLOGICAL child and he ignored her. Then, I brought him Elliot (my husband), and he started crying about “how beautiful she [was].” Yes, it referred to Elliot as a “she.” FML.

  7. Savior Kuchiki says

    i had the same prob as eulalie i lost my kid in the demon door rofl, good thing he was adopted or elise would have killed my character lol

  8. eulalie says

    I took my biological child to the door.. left it outside while i went to get my stuff and now i can’t find it again!

    • Sleit says

      LOL Joyous Necromancy? LOL Sorry hit a funny bone with that one xD

      Try going to sleep if your adopted child won’t work, I had that problem too.

  9. wackyla z y boy says

    maby the sceleton party was becouse the door said how it had forgot what love and purity was and that his happyness was then basicly dead

  10. Kyle says

    I just don’t get what the skeleton party is all about… pretty freaky, and i cant help but try to find some sort of hidden meaning

  11. Katie says

    It only worked with my biological kid! Tried the adopted kid first and door wouldn’t even recognize him! Something really isn’t right about that message…..

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