Fable 3: How to Get Rid of an STD?

In Fable 3 for the Xbox 360, you can get an STD by having unprotected sex with villagers (primarily prostitutes). There are condoms in the game that are very cheap, but what happens if you get an STD, can you get rid of it?

Apparently you can’t, it will stick with you forever, even on multiple playthroughs.

Luckily for you though, there isn’t any itching, bumps, redness, puss, etc. There are no in game consequences to contracting an STD. You can act like a 70’s hippie and spread your “free love” all over Albion.

How many STD’s can you collect? Go pokemon style and catch’em all!

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  1. SamB. says

    I can try out that appearance rumour. I’m completely scarless. Should be good to attempt getting tons of STDs. Can’t possibly hurt, I am max attractive anyway. I am just naturally smexy. No scars, no special weapons, no makeup. Just a set of Guild tattoos. This Queen will make you feel inadequate. ;) I’m also completely good.

  2. kaceyyyyyyy says

    I have found that if you have 20 std’s or more all the clothes you buy look dirty. My guy also throws up after having sex.

    • says

      @tttyler As I stated above, I haven’t found any ill effects from getting STD’s in the game. I believe the one commenter that claimed he saw effects on his character was actually from getting knocked out too much.

  3. Avery says

    Ive got 10 stds and havent experienced any physical effects from them. Im compeletly good and i only got them after completeling the story so that could be that they have no effect after. Also those marks might just be scars from battle. Ive heard that theres a scar one can get on their forehead that looks more like a gaint pimple then anything else.

  4. Johnjohn says

    “Luckily for you though, there isn’t any itching, bumps, redness, puss, etc. There are no in game consequences to contracting an STD. You can act like a 70′s hippie and spread your “free love” all over Albion.”

    This isn’t true at all. The STDs affect your appearance. If you have over 5, especially. The STDs will show you’ve got splotches and dark spots/pockmarks on your cheeks, dark circles under your eyes and just…your skin on your face looks terrible. My “good” Hero has this as well as my evil Hero (the good one has only 4 STDs…but my evil one has 8).

    • says

      @johnjohn I guess I was thinking along the lines of physical effects, illness, etc. I didn’t account for looks since looks don’t matter much in the game. I will correct it though, thanks.

  5. Sita says

    Apparently it’s one of the things that can mutate you weapons though “Your sword has responded to your venereal disease and taken on a venemous aura.” The look on my roomate’s face when that was his hero sword’s level 5 evolution was priceless. :D

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