Fable 3: How to Enter Sunset House

In Fable 3 for the Xbox 360 and PC, there is a house in Mourningwood called Sunset House that you can enter that contains some interesting puzzles, and some treasures as well.

Travel to Mourningwood at night (this is important, you can’t open it during the day) or travel there and sleep until midnight. Go out of town and pass the first archway that has a light in it on the path. Stay on the right wall and it will take a sharp turn to the right, where you should see an open fence. Go inside to enter the Sunset House property.

Once you enter the gate, you’ll see a gazebo glowing blue off to the left as well. Go up to the gazebo and you’ll see four statues in various different poses. Interact with each statue only four times and it will suddenly turn daytime and the house will be real, and unlocked.

If you interacted with one of the statues too many times, or if you already messed with the statues before, here are how they should end up:

Going clockwise from the entrance of the gazebo, the first statue (female) is crouched with her fists in a fighting position, the second statue (male) is pointing and laughing, the third statue (female) has her hands in the air, and the fourth statue (male) is holding his stomach.

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  1. major swift says

    i killed the statues and now they aren’t respawning do i have to load a new game to try the puzzle?

  2. fable ownage says

    I did it and the statues just stand there not even if i interact with them. I need help please

      • jake Davidson says

        I tried restsrting/reloading my game and did it then went in to beat chesty but the house never changed and the door to the right opened i saw a non ruined part of the house but got stopped and it shows the symbol for hollow men were my head is it just floats there any ideas mr. Site admin?

        • jake Davidson says

          Hold on what statue do i start with and should they end up like you said above or is that how they look when they’re wrong? Maybe you kud fix it and make it a lil better to understand? Its a little confusing

  3. Anna-Belle says

    My statues are exactly like how they’re supposed to be but nothing is happening.. i don’t get it?

  4. dahoov2 says

    Yeah, don’t do with SpyderDude did. I did that and now I can’t enter the house at all cause the statues are permanantly dead. I never got in the house. Is there any fix to this? Thanks a lot dude… for nothing! You should’ve mentioned the part where you messed up the game and can’t ever enter the house again!

    • Ryan says

      I did this and a chest appeared but I jumped straight through the mirror… Was I able to open this chest or was it there for the crack I dunno but would like an answer anyone???? Get at me!!!!

  5. SPyderDude says

    I killed the statues. I was messing around and turned the safety off to shoot a bunny and killed one….then i thought it would be funny to kill the others. I just thought it would be “beneficial” for others to know this as well. >:)

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