Fable 3: Gold Key Locations

In Fable 3 for the Xbox 360, there are four gold keys you can collect that will open any of the hidden gold key doors in Albion. Here are descriptions of where you can find the different gold keys in the game:

Driftwood Gold Key

You can access Driftwood after completing the Restoration quest in Millfields. The first thing you need to do in Driftwood is complete three quests to gain access to the coastal islands. The quests are called An Island Getaway, Giftwood for Driftwood, and Pest Control. Once these are done, it should open up a bridge to a new island. Go accross the bridge and you’ll see a flit switch you can hit. Keep hitting it and it should move around the island. Keep following it and it should lead you to a teleporter at the top that will take you to the gold key.

Mistpeak Valley Gold Key

On the map of Mistpeak Valley, you’ll see three cave entrances for Chillbreath Cavern. Two are near the demon door location, and one is off to the side. This side cave is the one you want. To get to this cave, take the path up hill from the lake on the way to Brightwall Village, and take a left on the path before you get there. This should lead you to a cave entrance. Go through the cave and keep heading on the path going up hill. If you went the right way you should find an exit, and find some ruins over a short hill where the key is located.

Aurora – Shifting Sands Gold Key

You’ll need access to the Aurora area to get this gold key. First, complete the A Key to a Greater Key quest in the city, which will be available after the primary story is complete. Once you complete the quest, go back to the quest giver and you can buy a key for 4,000 gold. Travel to Shifting Sands and cross the sand dunes to the other side. You’ll come to a cliff side, so follow the cliff left until you find a path near some ruins. Near the ruins you should find a door that you can unlock using the key you purchased. Inside you’ll have to fight your way to the gold key.

Aurora – The Veiled Path Gold Key

Near the stairs at the far end of The Veiled Path you’ll find an entrance to The Enigma. Inside, look for a flit switch above the Enigma door to open it. In the next room, use the fireball gauntlet to light the torches. You should see some colored floor panels and some flames on the wall that outline the order that you have to step on the tiles. Step on the tiles in this order to open the next door: yellow, blue, yellow, red, blue, red, blue, red. Once the door opens, you’ll find the gold key inside.

Hidden Sanctuary Gold Key

There is also a special hidden gold key and chest to go with it in the treasure room of the Sanctuary. You’ll see the key in the treasure room in a cubby hold near the ceiling. You’ll need to gain around 5 million gold to stand on in order to reach the key. Once you get the key, you’ll need to either spend all of your gold, or transfer all of it to the castle treasury once you’re the ruler of Albion in order to open the chest at the bottom of your gold pile.

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  1. lori ann says

    thanks! finally got my first gold key lol already beat it to the point of the credits rolling but still have a long way to go :)

  2. Aurche says

    i have completed all 3 driftwood quests and i still cant reach the flit switch on top of the rock on the side of the mountain

  3. B D1RTY says

    I cant seem to find The Key To The Greater Key quest to show up so i can get all my keys. Any suggestions on what to do?

  4. GodOfAll says

    well… this really has nothing to do with golden keys but does anyone know if the door at the end of the veiled path will evr open?

  5. Bably says

    I know what’s the problem with driftwood key, in order to get it, you must complete the 3 side quests and wait a good while for the board to appear. You can be sure that the board is there when you receive an award from the quests of Driftwood (on Xbox) or by seeing in the map if there is an island whith only one normal house, that means the second island upgrade is done.

  6. Bartosz says

    The Driftwood flitswitches are giving me problems. Someone also mentioned it above, I’m part way through them, got the first one up on the rock island, but the third or fourth one in is on a slight outcropping from the mountain, and it looks like a melee one, but I haven’t found a way to get up to it. This is NOT the first flit switch to start the sequence. It’s the first or second one on the left-most inhabited island, when facing away from the entrance to driftwood. (The one that leads up to the bridge to the temple on top of the hill.) Any ideas?

    • says

      @Bartosz You probably haven’t finished the Driftwood quests yet. Read at the top and make sure you’ve completed the three quests first so that the path is finished.

  7. hopelessloser says

    Wow I must be really stupid but what does the enigma door look like?! Is it the giant one at the end after you kill a bajillion metal creatures? Or a random one in the veiled path? :/

    • says

      @hopelessloser It’s one of the doors along the veiled path. I found it pretty much by accident while checking all the doors there to see if one would open.

  8. Twix says

    If you aren’t able to hit the flitswitch up on the rock, it’s because you haven’t completed Driftwood yet. There’s still one more quest you have to do for the ‘colony’ to expand. Then there’s magically a board that leads to the top of the rock. c:

  9. Daarksiide says

    Conserning the Driftwood Key, I seem to be stuck. Im about 1/4 of the way through. and it is a melee flitswitch. Yet nomatter what way i push i cannot pass the rocks that cover it. Help?

    • says

      Sounds like a bug to me, there seem to be several bugs like this in the game. When I did it, it was no problem.. the flit switch would move, I’d go hit it, and it eventually led me to the chest.

  10. Andrea says

    I just opened my chest and i got the chickenbane pistol. So, everyone… it is random. I purchased my dragonstopmer pistol at the blacksmith in Bowerstone. Havent seen it since.

  11. Maison says

    Swinger Your Wrong Sorry To Say You Get The DragonStomper Pistol No Matter What. It’s Reavers Legendary Pistol In Fable II.

  12. the sandgoose says

    the golden key in from the sanctuary gives you the Guild tattoo set, a random legendary weapon, and x amount of gold.
    for my i got the Swinger’s sword and 10 gold.

  13. FableelbaF says

    You actually need 5 million, but that key doesn’t count toward the Achievement. All it really gives you are some (For me anyway) Tattoo’s, a legendary pistol, and 1 gold…. Now about that Enigma Door..?

  14. Guy who spends too much time playing this game says

    There is also a Gold Key found in the Sanctuary Treasury, at the very top, which you can reach if you gain 8 million or more gold.

  15. FableelbaF says

    Maybe I’m somehow screwing this up or I’ve finally become half-retarded, but how exactly do you get past the Enigma Door?

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