DragonVale: How to Restart Your Game

If you’re not happy with your DragonVale progress on the iPhone or iPad and you would like to reset your game, then you’ll need to do more than just removing and reinstalling the game.

Follow these steps to restart your DragonVale game:

1. Uninstall DragonVale from your device

2. Log out of Game Center

3. Create a new Game Center ID

4. Login to your new Game Center account

5. Install DragonVale again

Once you do all of that, your new DragonVale game will be attached to your new Game Center ID and you’ll be starting the game from the beginning.

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  1. AstroCAR says

    You do NOT have to create a new Game Center account in order to start Dragonvale from level one. NOTE: Following these directions will PERMENATNLY DELETE ALL PROGRESS. I have not confirmed if it deletes in app purchases as well, but believe it may.

    1. Close Dragonvale
    2. Sign out of Game Center
    3. Open Dragonvale
    4. When prompted to sign in to Game Center, Select “Cancel.” (A new game will begin.)
    5. Close Dragonvale
    6. Open Game Center and sign in.
    7. Open Dragonvale
    8. When prompted to sync with Game Center, select “Continue”
    9. Select “LVL 1″ to reset back to the beginning.

    • Danigroh says

      Thanks for this! It was really helpful. Also, I just started out on my new game, but it seems like the gold I earned and food I earned from before carried over. I didn’t make any app purchases, but I would think since the free stuff came through the reset, what you paid for may as well.

    • Otariid says

      Thanks AstroCAR, it works!

      I’ve searched for about a week because my DV was stuck on a bug. Finally decided to reset the game, but hadn’t found a viable answe until I read yours.

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