DragonVale Breeding Guide

DragonVale – How to Make Fast & Easy Money

If you need some fast and easy money in DragonVale, then breeding is one of the best ways to get them.

Certain dragons sell for a lot more cash than others, so you can make a lot of money if you know which dragons to breed.

Most of the best selling dragons require higher levels, so I’ll show you some dragons in various different level requirements, and how much you can potentially earn per hour from them.

These aren’t necessarily the highest valued dragons out there. For example the Platinum Dragon sells for $6,000,000 but also takes 49 hours just to breed, making the return per hour much lower.

The following is a compilation of dragons that give you the best bang for your buck. Here are some of the best combinations in the game to make easy coins at different levels in DragonVale.

Making Easy Coins at Lower Levels

There aren’t a whole lot of options at the very beginning of the game for making a ton of coins (for obvious reasons). Your best option at level one if you just want to make coins is to breed the Plant Dragon over and over which sells for $50, with a 14.4 second breeding time.

This process is very high maintenance, but it really is the best return rate at the start of the game, potentially earning you $10k to $12k per hour if you can sell the eggs fast enough.

Once you reach level seven you’ll have two good options for making better coins.

Poison Dragon – (Fire + Plant) – Requires level 7 – Sells for $5,000 with a 30 minute breeding time ($10k/hour)

Flower Dragon – (Fire + Plant) – Requires level 7 – Sells for $5,000 with a 1 hour breeding time ($5k/hour)

Making Fast Coins at Mid Levels

Once you reach level eleven you’ll have some much nicer options for making money, primarily the Cactus Dragon with it’s huge $200k per hour return.

Cactus Dragon – (Lightning + Plant) – Requires level 11 – Sells for $100,000 with a 30 minute breeding time ($200k/hour)

Ash Dragon – (Lightning + Plant) – Requires level 11 – Sells for $500,000 with a 6 hour breeding time ($83.3k/hour)

Lightning Dragon – (Lightning + Lightning) – Requires level 11 – Sells for $37,500 with a 30 minute breeding time ($75k/hour)

Breeding for Coins at Higher Levels

Once you reach level fourteen, some even better options open up. After that, you’ll unlock the best combinations at level 17 which are the Magnetic Dragon and Iron Dragon, with their huge $287.5k per hour returns.

Magnetic Dragon – (Lightning + Metal)  – Requires level 17 – Sells for $1,150,000 with a 4 hour breeding time ($287.5k/hour)

Iron Dragon – (Earth + Metal) – Requires level 17 – Sells for $1,150,000 with a 4 hour breeding time ($287.5k/hour)

Rust Dragon – (Metal + Water) – Requires level 17 – Sells for $1,650,000 with a 6 hour breeding time ($275k/hour)

Air Dragon – (Fire + Water) – Requires level 14 – Sells for $500,000 with a 2 hour breeding time ($250k/hour)

Pollen Dragon – (Air + Plant) – Requires level 14 – Sells for $1,000,000 with a 7 hour breeding time ($142.8k/hour)

Sonic Dragon – (Air + Lightning) – Requires level 14 – Sells for $1,000,000 with an 8 hour breeding time ($125k/hour)

Blazing Dragon – (Air + Fire) – Requires level 14 – Sells for $1,000,000 with a 8 hour breeding time ($125k/hour)

Need More Breeding Tips?

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