Dragonvale for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch

DragonVale – How to Get Free Gems

In DragonVale for Android and iOS systems (iPhone, iPad, etc.), gems are very useful, but also fairly hard to come by.

As with most “free to play” games these days, gems in DragonVale are the purchasable item that lets you speed up the game, and give you access to things much quicker than normal.

Not everyone wants to spend money on a free game however, so how can you get some free gems to help out with your dragon breeding?

Gems From Friend Codes

Redeeming friend codes, and getting your friends to use your friend code is a really nice and easy way to get gems. You can only enter one friend code on your account to get 25 free gems, but your friend code can be used by an unlimited amount of other users, and you’ll not only get free gems when they first use it, you’ll get more when they level up as well.

To redeem a friend code, tap Social button, then tap the Redeem Code button. Type in a valid social code and press OK. If a valid code is entered it will give you a message that it worked, and you should find your gems in the Gifts tab.

To figure out your friend code, tap the Social button and tap Invite Friends. You’ll see your friend code at the top of the screen.

Post your friend code on facebook, in facebook fan pages, on forums, on twitter, anywhere you can think of that DragonVale fans might hang out.

Looking for a friend code to use? Redeem my friend code for 25 free gems: 95522815

Entering my friend code will help me get some gems for rushing combinations for new dragons, so every little bit helps me help you!

Free Gems from Gifting

One of the easiest ways to get free gems in the game is by gifting. Every day you can send three gems to friends, and in turn they can send them back to you. If you have a circle of friends that understand how hard it is to get gems, then hopefully they’ll send them back to you every day.

A good way to make this work is to coordinate with a few friends that you know personally. Set it up so that every day you send your gems to the same people, and they send them back to you, so you’re essentially guaranteed to get gems on a daily basis.

Look down in the comments below for people leaving their GameCenter ID for adding friends. Leave your ID there as well to have people add you!

Check out my other article if you need help adding friends to DragonVale.

More Free Gems from the Dragonsai Gem Tree

You may have seen the Dragonsai Gem Tree before, but didn’t know what it did. The Dragonsai Gem Tree makes it possible to gift three more gems per day, which in turn gives you the chance to receive more per day as returned gifts.

If you took the idea from the last section and had 6 other close friends all with the Dragonsai Gem Tree, then you would essentially be guaranteed to get at least 6 gems gifted to you every day. The only draw back to this is that the tree costs 100 gems to purchase, but it may be worth it in the long run.

Free Gems from the Colosseum

If you put a dragon in the Colosseum every day, you get a chance to win some free gems, some coins, and a fair amount of XP as well.

Winning a sliver medal nets you two gems, and winning the gold medal nets you five gems, so those can add up quickly.

Winning different trophies is pretty random, since the same dragon can win a gold one day, and a bronze the next, but it’s still worth it to do the colosseum every day for your chance at some free gems.

Free Gems from Gemstone Dragons

Gemstone Dragons are dragons that provide you with gems instead of gold.

The catch though is that you can only breed up to two kinds of Gemstone Dragons in any given month, and they can’t breed at all, so they are fairly limited however it’s still a valid technique if you manage to breed some over time.

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  1. SunnyD0824 says

    Add me for gem exchange. I am on everyday and always return gems. I have the dragonasi tree so I can give six a day. My gamer tag is SunnyD0824
    Happy Breeding!)

  2. Carl says

    Hey, everyone! I would like to set up a steady trade of gems. (As much as I dislike to admit it) I am on the app almost everyday, so it would be a constant flow. Add me, my game centre ID is Carl Brook.
    Thanks in advance!

  3. Matthew says

    Needed gems please I’m begging u peoples please please friend me I’m on week days I’m dying to get a epic breeding island but I’m not old enoughf to use the money cause I use my moms iPad and well please friend me ps I’m 10 yrs older than o year olds

  4. James says

    Add me: Trlizzy48
    I WILL give you gems, but I can’t promise everyday as I’m sure you’re aware :b ill do my best but remember… Gem for gem c:

  5. AlexBooth20 says

    Please Add Me as a Friend If you send me gems i will send the first six people the gems when i get gems at the new day!

  6. CoolGirlsRock888 says

    Pls add me to TRADE FREE GEMS! Its easy! all u have to do is just send one gem to me first then i will send u back a free gem! I only have three gems a day so u might have to wait a while. But I promise i will send back a gem to u only if u send it to me!

    Add me on Game Center – CoolGirlsRock888


    I will definitely get you a free gem everyday grantee if you send me a gem :) gem for gem bro add me TallBakic on gamecenter :)

  8. gavin says

    hi my gamecenter game is gavindoan and i play dragonvalle everyday and i will give you diamonds if you give me diamonds!!!!

  9. Yuki says

    I will gift you a gem everyday if you gift me one everyday(^∇^)(≧∇≦)
    My GameCenter is Jakie0118

  10. Luke says

    Please add me been playing for years have a gem tree but no one to give gems to or receive them back whoever adds guarantee gems everyday as long as they come back

  11. Pippi says

    Hi, quite new to dragon vale, but completely hooked my FB user is annie rose if anyone would like to exchange gems etc

  12. Cetted says

    Add me: “cetted”. If you send me a gem, and I am online, I will ALWAYS send you one back unless I’ve gone over my 3!! Send them before I run out :D

  13. Im trying to get limited time ones atm need be quik add me gem 4 gem i do not have the tree says

    Add me plzz THEKELSTA20. Gem 4gem

  14. vivi says

    Alot of tricks i found online no longer work have tree but friends dont like to play this game lol add gamecenter id vivi360

  15. KyleHM says

    I have no friends right now but play everyday, please add me and we can gem4gem, I return all gifts : KyleHD

  16. Offsidestackin604 says

    Offsidestackin604 add me for dragonvale. You need gems and so do i. Will always send one back!

  17. khyr33 says

    FREE 10 GEMS!!!!!
    It just takes your game center accout.
    1 go to game center and SIGN OUT click account(apple id email) and choose it
    2go to dradgonvale and the welcom gamecenter app will open
    click cancel in top right corner, it will lag and send you back to the title screen
    3 re-enter manually to game center remember to make sure the
    starting screen has the loading bar. then go to dradgonvale
    4 enjoy,this unluckly WONT stack , so its more for speeding up things instead of
    begging you friends to send gems to you, hope this helps

    game center account: khyree

  18. captain cooper 0139 says

    gem 4 gem every day, play every day almost all day… I have no life right? got dragon tree, only one loyal person who sends me gems… so I have 5 open spots, add me and send and I return first come first served

    captain cooper 0139

  19. Tatum says

    Okay well I have no clue how to add anyone or what name I’m supposed to put here but my Game Center name is SWAGMONSTER354

  20. Monstabeats says

    Add me please , you send me a gem or anything ill send you one in return , monstabeats is the game name please and thanks

  21. Liam says

    Is Game Center I’d same as nick name if so mine is liam jaxon I am seven and love this game so please send me whatever u can and I will return the favor.

  22. Cephalotus says

    Looking for a few folks to exchange gems with. Hopefully eventually be able to get Dragon Bonsai to exchange with more people.

    My handle is cephalotus.

  23. lil hirsch says

    add me i keep track of who sends me and gift back to those people within one or two days depending on order in which i was gifted

  24. gil says

    add me i need gems i competing with a bunch of my friends to who gets the most gems by the end of the year gamecenter id is xtremebeamer

  25. says

    Hey there guys, I’m at the point of slowness in my game because I don’t have no gems :( so can someone like add me and give me like a gem or something…that would be helpful + how do you log out? I’m Dragg19

  26. Maria Merritt says

    How can I restore my dragonvale account? It froze and so I logged out of Facebook book and then Carbondale started from scratch? HELP!

  27. Kylan says

    Hey, I am new to this game and love it so help me out by sending me some gems add me! Ill send them back as I can. Kykybear88

    • Princess Baby 66 (Rachel) says

      You gave me a gem today. I have already given my 3 today but tomorrow You will be the first to get one from me.. :)

  28. Calder Robertson says

    There is a way to get free gems easy. All you have to do is go to Gamecenter, and sign out. Then go back to dragonvale and it should be a new park. Then go back to Gamecenter and sign in. When you go back to dragonvale you will have 10 free gems! You can do this as many times as you want! WARNING– Only do this if you have 0 gems. It deletes all others!

  29. Raftik says

    Hi. Im goona add you guys below as friends and send gems and will send back gems to anybody that will as well. Game name is Raftik

  30. Stephanie Day says

    I am new at this game I will send gems. I am play threw facebook my name is Stephanie J Day (Stephanie Howe) my profile pic is my husband and myself in front of a Christmas tree.

  31. CodyWilleford says

    New to game, need gems, none of my friends play, add me you are guaranteed a gem from me. No I’d though, signed in via Facebook. Not many CodyWilleford’s on Facebook. Profile pic of me and my bloodhound by fire.

  32. Zee says

    Ahaha. I’m finally getting the hang of this game, since my best friend introduced it to me. c: Also, gem for gem? Add floofychu.

    • dragonvale fan says

      If u sent me a gem and I haven’t after a day then it might be because I can’t see u in my friend list. I use an android device so u might have to friend on fb as well. Just send me a friend request with a message that says dragonvale player and I’ll add u
      Thank you

  33. Jojo says

    Add me! Krazydeafy… Looking for somebody who loyal enough to give me back gems and I can assure you that I will gift you back! I have gem tree. =)

  34. Darth3r says

    I’m just starting out and am looking to start a tight group that will share daily like suggested above. Please add me if you are serious about sharing back and forth, I will give gems daily too whoever adds me: Darth3r

    Look forward to adding you! :)

    – Darth3r

  35. Sdogga Man says

    Hey, I’ve noticed that lost of people dot know how to add.
    WHQT you do is tap the “plus” in the top left hand corner of your game centre friends page. Then you type in the name of the person you want to add and as far as I know it needs to be accurate eg. “Sdogga Man” not “sdoggaman”. Once you have added then and they have accepted yor request, they will automatically appear in your friends list in dragonvale.

    Hope that helps! And don’t forget, add me: Sdogga Man :D cheers guys

  36. Tig says

    I would be happy to add people – gamecenter name “Floss1972″ – but can’t see how to do it. I can only see options to add someone using email, sms or facebook, not by using their Gamcenter name?

  37. Bob says

    Add me mason:)51 add me send me 1 gem and in
    Return I will send you 25 a day
    I think it mason:)51.
    If it not try doing mason51:) but I think its the first one

  38. Visenya Targaryen says

    Just got my Gifting Tree, come by and visit, then add me if you would like. I would like honest gem for gem buddies. Oll1e91 on GC. O l l 1 e 91 no spaces ;-)

  39. MonkeySnipeU says

    Add me MonkeySnipeU; I have Dragonsai Gem Tree and I will try my best to gift gems to all the people who gift gems to me.

  40. Chrizzy says

    Someone please help me with gems! I’m new to the game and only have 2 gems left :((
    Send me gems and I’ll send them back!!!

  41. GUMBO says

    I LOVE Poison Dragons! Their cute as adults and babies! SOOO ADORABLE!! If you agree, then type this in your comment:


    Your Friend,


  42. sid says

    I need gems.If you give me a gem then I will give you one back
    Chips.86 is my Game Center Account username

  43. Wasauby says

    Please add me. Need epic breeding island and gifting tree. Will give gems daily to those who return the favor!

    ID is Wasauby

  44. Wasauby says

    Please add me. Need epic breeding island and gifting tree. Will give gems daily to those who return the favor!

    Wasauby is my ID

  45. Georghehehehe says

    Game Center: soulphase5297
    Add me, for every gem I receive I will give you one back, I own a dragonsai tree, so that this promise will be upheld.

    • CamrynSLM says

      Hey, I have a gifting tree and 6 to give to people, add me if you want one: Camrynslm through the game center.

  46. jacobnatale says

    i have second gen ipod and i dont get the four boxes on game center i get friends games and me does anyone know how to fix it

  47. Jamie says

    All I need is 8 gems to build my breeder, if everyone could add me and gift me it would be much appreciated
    Favour will be returned


    • CamrynSLM says

      Need gems to start breeding for some Gem Dragons – I already have a gifting tree and 6 to give right now… Add CamrynSLM on the gamecenter. Thanks guys!

  48. Caleb says

    Hey anyone out there with or without a jail broken I pod if ur I pod is jailbroken Plz send me free Jems and lots of them and money and food bc I accidently reset my game center account And lost all data my game center name is black ops master1999

  49. Marie says

    I’d love to receive gems and if you add me I will send gems to you. Add me mrsmollywonka is the name.

  50. Kathryn Boettner says

    Add me: LSU4EVER!!!

    I really will give you gems but you have to give me one first so I know your name!! Thanks!!

  51. Miranda says

    Add me please! None of my friends play games like these and I need gems if I want to get anywhere in the game :). Thanks!!! Add me as mopo13

    • Miranda says

      Ok. I don’t even know how to add someone I don’t know on FB or their email. How do I do that?? I will be more than happy to add people if I know how! Thanks!!!!

          • Miranda says

            For all of you who accepted my friend requests, thank you! For those who have sent me one, thank you also! As I’m limits of course to how many gifts I can give in a day, I try to go thru my newly acquired list of friends once so I can send a gift to all before starting back over again. So if you haven’t received one yet from me, rest assured I will be the best gifted I can be. Thanks again!!!

  52. Tonya says

    Add me! I really want an epic breeding island so I can get those rare dragons! I’ve been trying for the past couple months to get the Emerald dragons but I always fail. So add me plz!! Name is Squrro

  53. Wolf lover girl 2000 says

    Please please add me I will send gems gem for gem pleeeeeease! I rally wanna update my breeding island! Emmzy loves wolves 2000

  54. Kewlglasses says

    add me send me gems for sometime then I will give you lots of gems I’ll even do gem 4 gem add me. Name: coolglassesman

  55. Kris says

    Add me, i have jailbroken ipod and if u send me gems for a week i can send u 100 gems my gamecenter name is Godzilla1900 ADD ME!!!!!!!!

  56. AAS013 says





  57. Zung says

    Hi add me I have the gem tree and I would like to share my gifts since I have no friends on game center my name is ZungIV

    • siraj says

      my name is lenovov560 add me please i need gem. i will give you a gift for 5 days for 500-6500 gems. THANKS!

  58. james mackenzie says

    james 994466 i dont have many friends so you will definately get gems off me if you send me some.

  59. Corey Jeffrey says

    I need gems Plz if u can send me some I’ll be grateful and if u send me a lot I’ll send back

  60. Jimmy says

    Nevermind guys my name isn’t trenchcoatdude501082 anymore. It’s Mr.Jim00 sorry i never knew you could change it.

  61. Jimmy says

    My gamecenter username is Trenchcoatdude501082
    Trust me, i realize how much of a douchebag i am for naming myself after trench coats.

  62. macavige says

    Hey guy im on this dragonvale and I need friends can you friend me my ID is macavige ill accept it and gem for gem, THANKS

  63. Erin ;) says

    Hi I’m willow0113. I’m jail broken on my iPod and iPhone, so I love to give away free gems, coins and food. Add me so I can do that! By the way my number is 425-495-6915! So text me if you need some tips or if you have questions. ;)

    • Jaiden says

      Can you send me gems please! It would be much appreciated and ill send you gems as long as you like. :)
      Thanks! JAIDO04

  64. Miguel says

    Add me because I have like no gems and I need help @jackieny605 in the game center and I’ll gift you back

  65. Seth says

    Hey! I’ve also got a gamecenter acount. I’d be more than happy to gift back gems.
    Username: Seth-Charlie
    (I think that’s what it is)
    (Notice: Although I’ll try, I can’t get all of my friends in one day so please don’t get mad that I don’t do it “right a way” though I will be as fast as possible.:))

  66. Austin says

    Hey my name is Austin I have dragon vale and friend me so we could trade gem my game center name is AUSTINSTEWART77

  67. AAS013 says


  68. DUFRAIS says

    hi i am lvl 8 and am willing to swap gem for gem(s) :) i usually swap large amounts of gems but dont really care
    btw i always pay back id:DUFRAIS CONSTANTINOPLE

  69. Jessica says

    I just got a Dragonsai Tree!!! But I dont have 6 friends… My name is Jasdecoy,
    Let’s start trading!:)

    • Steelersap07 says

      Ok this is Onny again, I want to say thank you to those at have friended me, I’m trying to figure out how to make sure I return the gems but just realized I’m limited on how many I can give. If anyone has any idea how I can give more than just the 3 plz let me know. I don’t want to leave anyone out. I will be vying my gems to buy the tree, maybe that helps, I’m not sure, any responses are welcome thank you

    • messi1beast says

      can u please please pleaseplease please pleaseplease please pleaseplease please please send me 10 gems i promise ill give them back asap im level 9 n need upgraded nursery once level 10 i get colliseum n get gems n ill send them back ill even send 15 back to you but please just 10 gems my gamecenter name is messi1beast thank u

  70. ajarombek3 says

    Please add me “ajarombek3″ I have a dragonsai gifting tree, but no one to give gems to! If you send gems ill send back everyday!!

  71. Paris says

    Add me on game centre poopoo6242 if u send me 10 gems then I will send u 3000 gems trust me I have jailbreak

  72. Alyson says

    Not sure how to even add a friend. Call me clueless. Trying to help my little girl out. Can you please add me?? Will return all the gifts you send. Thank you very much. Alysonkovac ( name on center). Is that the name you need.

  73. iceteardrops says

    add me ‘iceteardrops’ and i will give you a gem everyday as I am actively playing this game!

  74. Haodi22 says

    Haodi22 add me!
    I got spare gems to give away! Be the first to gift me each day and they’re yours! First come first serve!

  75. Nurseea says

    Need serious players that DO send gems. I have the gem tree and keep lists and WILL send gem for gem back. Add me:nurseea

  76. madryn says

    well there are many ways like……
    1: If u get friends on the game center they become your friends on dragon vale and they can give you gems and you can give them gems only 1 a day though.
    2: Buy a colesium enter the type of dragon it says on the flags outside it and you will have a chanse to win up to 5 gems if u come !
    3: Go on tresure on the menu and u can buy gems!
    4: Buy a gem tree and you will get gems.

    hope this was eny help !!! xx

  77. SurvivalJones says

    What we have found about the colosseum is that if you put the right type of dragon in, you get five gems, and win a gold medal. If you put different dragons in, like a fire dragon for a plant event, then you might not win any any gems and just win coins or XPs

    • says

      Hey add me to your Game Center I play a lot and need friends and I will red pawn to your request my id is >)r1c0(< and my number is 210-363-1357

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