DragonVale: How to Breed the Sun Dragon

In DragonVale for the iPhone and iPad, the Sun Dragon is a rare dragon that can be hard to breed.

To get a Sun Dragon, you breed a cold type dragon with a lightning type dragon, however your chances seem to be better when using hybrid dragons. For example, the most popular combination to get a Sun Dragon is by breeding a Crystal Dragon with a Blue Fire Dragon.

Some other possible combinations are Fire + Storm, Ice + Scorch, Scorch + Storm, Mud + Storm, Sonic + Blue Fire, etc.

Note that any of these combinations do not guarantee results, and the different combinations have different percentages for success. Keep trying though and you’ll eventually get your Sun Dragon.

Check out my DragonVale Breeding Guide for more dragon breeding combinations.

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  1. Mr awesome says

    Omfg lol I tried ice and scorch and on first time I got rainbow I keep trying but I can’t get it to work again

  2. Jezz De Jazz says

    Many I browse web,many people said cold level 10 left and right for firefly lvl 10 also I think I will try hehehehe

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