DragonVale: How to Breed the Diamond Dragon (April Gemstone Dragon)

In DragonVale for the Android and iOS systems (iPhone and iPad, etc.), the Diamond Dragon is the twelfth and final Gemstone Dragon to be introduced in the game, representing the month of April. Being a Gemstone dragon, it earns gems instead of gold and can not mate at all.

The Diamond Dragon has a base breeding time of 30 hours, sells for 1,750,000 gold, and earns 150,000 XP upon successful breeding at level 17.

To get a Diamond Dragon, breed an Ice Dragon with a Mine Dragon during the month of April. If you get an incubation time of 30 hours then you should be successful.

Check out my DragonVale Breeding Guide for more dragon breeding combinations, as well as the combinations you’ll need to make the necessary dragons for the Diamond Dragon, and other Gemstone Dragons.

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  1. Is there a bUg? says

    Tried for diamond since 1st apr everyday.. Multiple times a day and still not able to get any diamond!!!is there a bug? :(

  2. Dudleystephens says

    I’ve tried to get the diamond dragon 3 times and have been unlucky. Any tips ? Or Mabel for a rainbow dragon?
    Add me on gamecenter : dudleystephens: thanks

  3. Duffy says

    I tried Ice and Mine 3 times and got 3 rust dragons. Anyone know whats going on.?! I really want the diamond dragon. It is my birthstone!

  4. I rock says

    I bred L10 metal babyified by fountian of youth with unbabified L10 cold dragon and got the diamond dragon on my first try while trying to breed a mine dragon

  5. Captain cooper 0139 says

    Gem4gem add me trying to get this dragon nowww if anyone finds the combo before me let me kno? I’ll do the same and post on here when I kno it

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