DragonVale: How to Breed a Platinum Dragon

In DragonVale for the Android & iOS systems (iPhone and iPad, etc.), the Platinum Dragon is a Treasure Dragon similar to the Gold Dragon, Silver Dragon, and Bronze Dragon.

The Platinum Dragon has both the longest breeding time of 49 hours, and the highest selling price of $6,000,000. The Platinum Dragon also gives you a whopping 700,000 XP upon successful breeding at level 17.

To breed a Platinum Dragon, you need to breed dragons with the Water and Metal elements. Metal + Water, Water + Copper,  or Metal + Seaweed are good examples.

This is a rare dragon with a lower chance of breeding, so keep in mind that it may take many tries to attain. If you get a 49 hour breeding time then you’ve got it.

Check out my DragonVale Breeding Guide for more dragon breeding combinations.

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